Buying a PS4 or Xbox One Now is better than at Christmas

From GamesReviews

"With Christmas fast approaching, you'd be forgiven for saving your money. Before you lock up your wallet for the next three months though, just take a look at some of the deals on consoles available right now - you might save cash by buying earlier."

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avengers19781546d ago

Is wait to see what kind of holiday bundles will be avalible, but then again I got my PS4 day one.

AndrewLB1545d ago

I'd wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday if I were in the market to buy one of these consoles.

qwerty6761546d ago

Michael Pachter says to hold off buying an xbox one because great deals are coming for it

but this is Pachter lol.

spacedelete1546d ago

not a good idea buying at Christmas as there will be a rush especially for the PS4 and will be sold out. by PS4 now and avoid disappointment when you see all your friends with their PS4 consoles. its definitely a good time to buy a PS4 now good games are about to release.

AndrewLB1545d ago

I highly doubt we'll see either console "sold out" this Christmas. The only time they were completely sold out at stores in Southern California were right after launch for a couple weeks, then some but not all stores prior to Christmas.

MysticStrummer1545d ago

I usually try to play a horror game around Halloween so I think The Evil Within is going to be the game that finally pushes me over the edge to get into the current gen. Drive Club is out around that time too for added incentive.

CocoWolfie1545d ago

alien isolation is out in like 3 weeks too :3 halloween games!

Funantic11545d ago

I had both consoles before last Christmas.

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