What is Good AI?

How does one define good artificial intelligence in video games?

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Rikitatsu3829d ago

a Good AI is the AI that tries to Entertain you, not to outsmart you

TheExecutive3829d ago

I think it has to both and I think both are intertwined.

It has to challenge you by being intelligent enough but you have to be able to beat it.

Many videogames put you up against impossible odds in the real world so these AI characters need to be dumbed down a little.

mepsipax3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

If anyone has played S.T.A.L.K.E.R on the highest difficulty then you already know good A.I, as buggy as that game can be the A.I is pretty solid. A.I can outsmart you but not if it stops being entertaining, I hate developers that think better A.I means faster, more accurate and faster reaction time can justify their claim of amazing A.I. When the A.I outsmarts me (rarely) there are two reactions, theres the "GOD DAMNIT MOTHER F*CKING CHEAP ASS [email protected] SUPER ACCURATE HEADSHOT ONE SHOT KILLING SON OF A B*TCH" and there the "Damn, he beat me but it was still entertaining." they both depend on how you died, if you didn't see, hear, or even know that the enemy was shooting/attacking you and you die, its stupid because in a game you have no peripheral vision, and no senses. If you died after a long fight with an enemy, and it was your mistake than that's okay because you can learn from that and remeber that oh, right, these guys like to flank/throw grenades/snipe. This example is mostly specific to FPS's but the same principles can be put to other games as well.

BulletToothtony3829d ago

around what time you ask??? around the time when we saw the new footage of killzone2...

People failing to see all the good qualities of killzone2 jumped at look at the AI so i did...

I was actually very shocked at the fact that the enemies were shooting me AND my teammates, and my teammates were shooting at them..

When someone shot at an enemy the enemy would turn around and shoot them.. I mean i guess we're used to every single enemy in a war game to shoot at us but that's not real.. in reality war wouldn't be that way..

So imo killzone2 showed some impressive AI and i think will only get better by the time the game comes out..

AI i liked: Uncharted.. enemy actually flanked me, not that many people do even in multiplayer.. AI i didn't like: COD4 towards the end when you were underground where my teammate was standing in the middle of the hallway with nobody shooting at him, but if i as much as looked in the hallway i would get blasted..

TheExecutive3829d ago

I liked that about KZ2 too. as long as they dont allow you to take many hits the game will be balanced. After all, if the enemy is not only caught up with you but your allies they have to make it more difficult somehow.

Uncharted had some great AI

So does MGS4

kingOVsticks3829d ago

Snake crawls:*crawl crawl crawl leaf moves"

Guard:!HEY!*RUNS AT FULL SPEED*The enemy! *kicks snakes in the kidney*


me:SH!t should have used the box

Nevers3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

... create SKYnet and start the machine wars. I'd say "JK" but there's some seriously trippy/scary stuff they've discovered how to do in and out of the video game world.

To briefly list a bit o' video game weirdness... OBLIVION's early AI was skooma addicted and job-site OCD made them slightly homicidal... those Stormtroopers in FORCE UNLEASHED have been described as having a drive TO LIVE, which is a bit unsettling when you'll be hurdling them to-and-fro bashing em against walls while they are screaming for mercy the whole time...

Just sayin'...We better watch our collective a$$e$ otherwise one day it'll be a fraggin' Goomba pushin' the kill-switch on us.

QuackPot3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

for the character.

If you are going against a raw recruit then let the soldier behave like a raw recruit including the possibility of messing up or panicking or even being shell shocked.

If you are going against a hardened veteran then he's not going to be an easy target and may wait for you to come to him or simply hunt you down or organize a team to flush you out.

Now that's AI.

It's yet to be done and the first developer that puts such AI in their game will not only have a sure hit but will set the standards for many generations to come.

Please nail the AI GG for KZ2. That can add alot to the worth of game.