Everything wrong with Destiny, and how Bungie can fix it

VGFirst presents their in-depth, component by component analysis Destiny while providing their recommendations on how Bungie craft the game into something more. Covering all aspects of the game, from the Crucible, to Strikes and Raids.

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Evil-Gouki1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

As an evolving title, I'd imagine a lot of the pve elments you talk about, more raids, vendors, armor etc will eventually be added to the game. Look at any online title after a few months/years is a totally different beast to that which was available in the vanilla.

FriedGoat1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Yes, knowing Bungie's support for their games and the games' supposed "10 year life cycle" I completely expect Destiny to evlove to an even better experience (although I'm having a great time already).

cleft51548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

The important thing is that Bungie can fix Destiny. Destiny is the type of game that isn't set in stone so it can be fixed and transformed into something much better. Yes Destiny has problems and I am glad the game isn't being praised universally because it does have glaring issues, but the core of Destiny is really good.

As far as the story is concerned, the story isn't bad it's just not really there but what is there is solid. However, Bungie made the mistake of hiring these big time people and that is going to cost them a lot of money that could have been spent on better stuff. I play Destiny and I feel like far too much of their money went to actors/actresses and marketing. It makes sense now why they fired Marty O'Donnell but that was the wrong move as the music is undoubtedly the one stand out thing about the game.

I feel like Bungie had to start cutting cost and rather than getting rid of overhyped Hollywood talent they decided to cut things critical to the game, like the music director and content out of the game. Destiny is not a complete game, give it a month or two and maybe then Destiny will live up to the hype.

joab7771548d ago

Yeah. It's a launch and it's good to see articles like this b/c that's what it is all about, evolution.

Maybe there needs to be 2 PvP, normal and iron banner. In iron banner, EVERTHING is like PvE. But the other mode has more balance. But, I do NOT want different classes to have the same HP and damage output. It's meant to b class based so u have roles to play.

Maybe have 1 mode where everything is the same. Then see how popular it becomes.

As far as single player content, I like it so far. It shouldn't be easy to gear all! And it is rng. That is an mmo. There are multiple ways to do it.

For factions, they do offer different attributes but maybe a little more variety would be nice.

I love it. I just wanna play it.

pompombrum1548d ago

In regards to supers and grenades, I've just came to the conclusion the game was never meant to be balanced and bungie are aiming for fun for the most part. Having said that, completely agree with the weapon balancing, it's not fun having auto rifles being so much better than everything else.

AKS1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

It's frustrating to me because ammo efficiency is so much more important in PvE, as high level enemies take quite a bit of damage to take down. I put my upgrades into my best scout rifle for PvE, but it's very difficult land enough shots on PvP enemies to knock someone down with people floating in every direction while dropping grenades and supers all over the place. If you need to land multiple shots to the head, they can just run behind a corner and have all their health back a second or two later. Standard ammo really isn't a big issue in PvP, so you can blast away without much penalty, making assault rifles considerably more dangerous. In Halo, the base assault rifle had much less potency in PvP, meaning you had to land more shots to finish someone off.

I don't want a repeat of most weapons feeling a bit anemic (with the exception of sniper rifles) in Halo, but I think a bit of balance is needed regarding how it is so much easier to kill with auto rifles. Give the single-shot primary weapons a bit more potency per shot.

I don't want every character and weapon to be identical; I just want some adjustments to the powers and weapons being abused and underused. Start with modest adjustments and tweak from there. I also want supers to stay in PvP, but perhaps tweak some of them a bit. The Titan insta-kill is getting old. I'm tired of getting the upper hand of someone only to get insta-killed at the last second. It's so quick and can kill everyone on an objective. They can just run into the room and press the shoulder buttons to win.

BTW, I'm really surprised that fusion rifles weren't mentioned. Those things are pretty dangerous.

ramiuk11548d ago

aye was thinking same.
i love my auto but i wanted to start using the pulse etc and felt very underpowered,so went back to my auto.

loving the game though.
1 question to anyone and thanks in advance because im low on bubles(bubblew votes always welcome )
regarding vex,fallen etcdo they have weakness to certain weapon types?

AKS1548d ago

The best advice I could give you on killing the Vex is to shoot them in the white weak spot in their torso rather than shooting them in the head. Thus, a scout rifle, hand cannon, or sniper rifle will obliterate them if you are accurate.

If you hit them in the head, they just go crazy and charge you, making the fight more difficult.

amnalehu1548d ago

I nee really understood how a game could be unbalanced. If a particular weapon seems OP'd, simply start using that weapon.

AKS1548d ago

That's much of what has happened. Most are using assault rifles, shotguns, and fusion rifles. I'd like to see all become viable. I think adding a bit more punch per shot to scout rifles and hand cannons would help even things out given auto assault rifles aren't penalized much in PvP the way they are in PvE. I really haven't tried pulse rifles in PvP, but it seems there are similar complaints about them lacking the punch they need to compete with assault rifles.

CoyoteHunter1548d ago

I know there have been a deluge of articles on Destiny lately, but I really appreciated this one. Really hit the nail on the head; certainly it's what I have experienced.

Tedakin1548d ago

The main thing wrong with it right now is once you beat the campaign and are trying to level up you're just kinda stuck doing the same missions you've already beaten over and over again to find the Light armor. And finding the light armor is completely random luck.

martinezjesus19931548d ago

Not true, you can also play crucible, which gives you reputation points to rank up on a certain faction, then buy the gear for yourself, you get them faster by doing the bounties. Plus, I just got a bounty that will give me an exotic weapon after i beat 5 strikes without dying, its not random considering its practically a given ill get it afterwards.

GearSkiN1548d ago

It's random bro, I have found 5 legendary things, while my buddy only have gotten 1.

martinezjesus19931548d ago

@Gearskin. Yes, the loot you pick up is random, but there are other ways? I have leyendary in every slot, yet only two have been from pick ups, the others i bought from either the fwc vendor with my crucible marks or from my guardians leader with my vanguard marks.

Gamerbeyond1548d ago

content, content, content, 1 raid wont cut it, with a handfull of missions, this game should of had ALOT of content from the start and expand from that,

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