Blueside Expects PS4 Importance To Increase Rapidly; Shows Stunning KUFII Videos

Bluesides is very confident about PlayStation 4's importance in the growing online market. They've also shown two amazing new videos.

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vlashyr1548d ago

This game looks stunning! Let's hope they don't delay it any further...

Zeniix1548d ago

I remember being hyped hearing this game would release late 2009 lol.

Festano1548d ago

I agree they are doing to move the disaster and no drops in frame rate.

Petrus911548d ago

Really waiting for this, hope they release it soon..

JamshiJack1548d ago

wow the game looks thrilling ... must try it after it is released

NatureOfLogic_1548d ago

I really think PS4 will totally dominate next year with all of these games coming.

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The story is too old to be commented.