BioWare: All Difficulty in Dragon Age: Inquisition is “Tougher” Than Origins

Did you find Dragon Age: Origins a tad on the easy side? Well, if you’re looking for a more challenging game in Dragon Age: Inquisition, then you’re in luck.

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DarkOcelet1545d ago

Good to hear , the only hard boss on nightmare mode was Flementh , glad they upped the difficulty .

joab7771545d ago

Like many games, including the Witcher 2, it starts off w/ some difficulty and fades quite a bit by the end.

Here's to hoping this game is really hard and forces u to strategies and use the tools given to ya.

Thats one area in which many jrpgs still have an advantage, in difficulty and the ability to push ppl to thing and strategize.

I know Bloodborne will be hard. If Dragon Age and The Witcher 3 (hopefully the minster hunts are punishing) are, I will be the happiest person in video game land.

Games w/ good, unique combat really shine on higher difficulties b/c u come to undertand the combat system the way it was designed. Games r boring when u come an use the same few moves to get through everything.

DarkOcelet1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

The witcher 3 , the forest demo looked a little bit harder than the other demo , where you go to find that creature voice in the forest , you are attacked by 3 creatures and one of them hit Geralt twice and took a huge chunk of health and they were fast . Hopefully the whole game is that hard on the highest difficulty ... Also Natural Doctrine seems to be brutally hard , alot of the reviewers couldnt finish ignoring and gave it a low score because of that in which i think is pretty stupid . I will get it soon :) . I know i will get my butt kicked but it will be worth it .

ThanatosDMC1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Agreed. I'm surprised people are complaining here that DAO was difficult. It really wasnt since there's so many OP fun builds for characters. Either these guys do not understand the combat mechanics and the skill system or they do not understand strategy.

Full archer build and you dont even need a tank/healer to wreck face. Full mage builds and no one can get close. Alistar cant even die if used correctly. Mage builds are so tanky it's ridiculous because of high dodge rate plus other buffs and debuffs.

I just wish it was easier to mod on PC to increase the replayabilty.

Focus firing, pausing constantly, positioning, healing, backstabbing, magic combos, etc... damn, DAO was damn good. (WKC2 is still my all time fav RPG though)

DarkOcelet1545d ago

Yeah it was pretty easy sometimes , i mean alot of the times i was racing with my party just to kill the monsters first before i knew i could tell them to wait and charge solo lol .

matrixman921545d ago

Dragon Age origins was one of the only games I ever had to turn God Mode on in. But then again, I am terrible at those kinds of games

camel_toad1545d ago

We need more difficult games. The Souls games have really ruined me. I get bored quick now if a game gets easier as you progress.

AgentSmithPS41545d ago

Yes. I think many games should have a WIDE variety of difficulty levels for those that enjoy a challenge.

I hate when games have a slider that increases enemy's hitpoints (linked with dmg) to an absurd amount, I'd rather them be able to only do more damage to me. With HP it feels unrealistic and more of a chore.

anticlimax1545d ago

Dark Souls difficult seems totally different than Dragon Age difficult. (or it least I hope they will be an enirely different species)

In Dragon Age, I don't mind if in time some of the roadside battles become relatively easy. If I'm supposed to grow into this mighty world-altering warrior, it just doesn't feel right to have to pull out all the stops against a measly group of bandits.

Epic battles however, should always be requiring me to pull out all the stops.

ThanatosDMC1545d ago

Wrong. The enemies that you fight are suppose to be able to kill you since they have around the same stats as you and have the same abilities. What makes you win and what's so satisfying about the game, imo, is the strategy to crush the opposing force that would have face rolled you in a few seconds if you didnt pause the game and strategized.

Every battle was meant to be epic. You just cant A-move and win.

anticlimax1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )


Battlewise that might make sense, but storywise, if you're the greatest warrior and the only one who can save the word, and some measly bandits have the same stats as you and the same abilities, then why are you even important?

Why don't the bad guys just band together a bit and crush you like the apparently average guy that you are?

Meltic1545d ago

i though origins was too hard so i stop played after a while, and not until now ive cleared the game. Cant wait for the next one

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