Titanfall IMC Rising DLC New Map “Sand Trap” unveiled by Respawn

SegmentNext - "Titanfall IMC Rising DLC gets another map called Sand Trap, which will join Backwater and Zone 18 upon its launch later this year."

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yankolo1544d ago

Anybody playing fifa titanfall or ki feel free to add me. YANKOLOO.

GoPanthers9991544d ago

They need to just go ahead and drop the last DLC. In 2 months this will be a rarely played distant memory as we move on to MCC, CoD and Sunset.

Foehammer1544d ago

That may be true, but 29 Countries are just getting their hands on TF.

4Sh0w1544d ago

Damm I haven't played this on a month, too busy trying to finish Diablo 3 and sample of of the other games/demos available.

urwifeminder1543d ago

Yeah have not got any dlc yet waiting for it all to release and get it in a pack cheap , been taking a break from F5 waiting for Horizon so have been back on Titanfall.