Final Fantasy XV’s Trailer: A Shiny Road Trip

CCC Says: "Millions of Final Fantasy fans watched the brand new Final Fantasy XV trailer released at TGS with anticipation. Several are saying it renews their faith in the franchise. Others are saying that it has gotten them hype for what’s yet to come. I’m sorry but… I cannot agree. The only thing that this trailer proved to me is that the majority of the Final Fantasy fanbase, really is swayed by pretty CGI more than they are concrete gameplay or story details, a statement that has been said jokingly for years now."

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GeofferyPeterson1278d ago

Hey if that road trip is filled with by a massive world peppered with cities and towns, 1000's of monsters, a good story and secrets galore it will be just fine.

Pozzle1278d ago

I'm so excited about a fully explorable world map. I hope there are lots of secret little towns and locations that we can find throughout our journey.

iamtehpwn1278d ago

I don't mean to be rude but the writer of this article sounds like a complete idiot tbh.

TiberusX871278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

The author probably should have waited until TGS was over before writing.

All that effort, and then Square goes and shows a live engine/gameplay demonstration today, pretty much throwing half his argument out the window.

Kurisu1278d ago

Stunning. I know we've seen this section before, but to see someone actually playing it looks amazing! Those character models as well *_*

Adrian_v011278d ago

Another dude who discards the game just for the battle system. Of course they aren't gonna give us the story, what's the point in spoiling the game? And sorry but no, these "group battles" look much more interactive than anything a turn based system could do.

People say the battles are "clunky", I personally love how they added the effect of the weapon's weight to the character's movements, like heavy weapons slowing you down. Cause let's be honest, holding a buster sword with one hand is just ridiculous.

kalkano1277d ago

"these "group battles" look much more interactive than anything a turn based system could do."

You can't be serious...

Adrian_v011277d ago

Seriously, I don't get your point. In a turn based system, you have to navigate through a menu to be able to use a spell or an item, here you can do it with one button. This is no hack&slash game, there's no button mashing. It's the same, only one is faster than the other. And yeah, sorry that scrolling through menus ruins the immersion and fun for me.

kalkano1277d ago

When I'm playing as 1 character, I only feel connected to THAT character. The other characters are more like tag-along NPCs. Even if you can switch characters, that just makes the OTHER characters feel like tag-along NPCs.

Being able to pull them in for occasional combo attacks doesn't change the fact that they are AI controlled for everything else.

In a turn-based RPG (traditional, or strategy RPG), I feel connected to ALL of my characters. We are one, cohesive unit, and I control it ALL.

^ THAT is what immerses me.

sjaakiejj1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

That trailer wasn't CGI for as far as I know..

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