This Is How Microsoft Can Win the War

CCC Says: "Sony has fumbled the ball on their own 20 yard line. Time for Team Xbox to pick it up and run with it!

When I first heard about Sony’s proposed PlayStation Now service at this year’s CES, I was floored. Your telling me that an entire library of games will be accessible at the touch of a button, streamed right into my living room without ever having to set foot in the devil’s playground (AKA GameStop) again? Hell yeah, where do I sign! If I had one of those “Shut up and take my money” signs, I’d insert it right here. To me, this was to be an absolute game changer in not just the current console fight, but the future of our entire industry."

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TheParanoidx1548d ago

I thought these articles disappeared...

Codey471548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )


You thought wrong.

The way MS can win is

A) Delivering better content
B) More top tier exclusives
C) Better value for money

Unfortunately (C) has never been embedded into MS' infrastructure now's the time for change.

Abash1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Microsoft can do anything and everything to improve Xbox One sales, but their problem is that all their efforts are unable to stop the PS4's momentum and crazy sales.

Thats why they can't beat the PS4. Microsoft would have to improve Xbox One sales AND lower PS4 sales which is something they just cant do

Pogmathoin1548d ago

Abash, in all fairness, Sony had that juggernauth with the PS2, but Sony themselves destroyed that run..... All can do good things, bad things...... All that ever happens is that both deliver great games to keep tempting us..... As gamers, this is the best scenario..... Sony does not win....MS does not win.... Gamers win......

johndoe112111548d ago

Apart from giving away millions of xbox one's for free and hoping to make back the money on software sales, Microsoft cannot win this war. It would take a collosal screw up on sony's behalf, and by collosal I mean on the scale of everyone's ps4 simultaneously exploding, for Microsoft to make a ccomeback at this stage.

Kingthrash3601548d ago

Ms cant do anything. Ps4 will win this "war" For many reasons. I know its early....but already, its too late for a comeback. Let these articles end.

CervantesPR1548d ago Show
HeWhoWalks1548d ago

@ Pogmathoin:

Sony fixed their issue from the PS3 days, so bringing up what they "destroyed" with the PS2 is moot. As for this "gamers win" mess, yes, we know. As long as these companies battle for our dollar, it's better for us. Not the point of the discussion, though, so it's also moot.

jebabcock1548d ago

No actually... They are doing all of those things. Their killer is their reputation and image... Outside of the cult following for xbox/halo, people just don't like MS at all... Unfortunately changing people's perception is alot harder to do than about anything else.

MysticStrummer1548d ago

@Pogmathoin - If Sony "destroyed" their own run then so did MS, except MS has never had a juggernaut console as long as competition was on the market at the same time. Both got arrogant after some success, but MS also has lingering RRoD memories to deal with.

MS can win the war by biting the bullet and dropping XB1's price, but it will have to be a huge price drop at this point. XB1 may very well win the holidays this year, at least in the US and maybe UK, but if they do it will be a brief victory and they'll still lose the year by a wide margin. Next year, without a huge price drop for XB1, PS4 will dominate again.

gootimes1548d ago

The free games thing worked to boost momentum of the X1 a bit, maybe they should just keep doing that...

I don't think the PS4 needs anything like that, I'm not sure it ever will seeing how things are moving for it. Once Uncharted, Gran Turismo, God of War etc. are out for it, it will sell even faster.

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Benjammin251548d ago

As long as there's websites trying to get as many views as possible, there will be articles like this.

Why o why1548d ago


Flux capacitor....

Car beginning with D

Aussiebeachbabe1548d ago

These articles will disappear only when the trolls return back to their caves.

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Benjammin251548d ago

At this point, winning Europe and Japan is probably a lost cause. US is still up in the air but I believe PS4 will just about nick it in the end. Who cares about winning anyway? All consoles will do well in the end.

kneon1548d ago

They could make up some ground in the US at Christmas when the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are out there buying. They don't generally know what's going on in the gaming world so a price cut to 299 for the holidays would see a big sales spike.

user3672721548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

At this owners like myself really don't care
About catching up to sales anymore as long as the games keep coming out like Forza Horizon 2, Halo MCC and see new franchises like Sunset Overdrive, Quatum Break, and Scalebound. The system is being consrantly updated monthly to make it the best it can be and is being supported by all major third party publishers and that is what matters to xbox fans. Keep doing whAt you been doing Phil Spencer and the xbox team. I rather have it this way as a underdog MS is at its best and most aggressive in terms of giving to its fanbase what they are asking for just like the original xbox days in early 2000s even though the PS2 outsold it like 6-1. The Tomb Raider and Minecraft deals are the latest examples of MS being aggressive when their backs are against the wall and I suspect more to follow.

Why o why1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Fair enough...

I believe the same thing kinda.. I think the only way ms can close any gap or at least compete is to pump games out and not adopt the same minimalistic attitude they did last gen. They dont have the same advantages at their disposal. 'Back to the wall' is an apt description.

MysticStrummer1548d ago

"At this owners like myself really don't care"

MS cares, otherwise the "integral" Kinect would have stayed that way. XBox owners should care because if the gap keeps widening support may start to fall off.

DirtyLary1548d ago

He rolled over and accepted it.

DigitalRaptor1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

"At this owners like myself really don't care"

Not only is that a defeatist attitude, but it goes to show that your perspective overrides your desire for more content. It's the same attitude as to why the Wii U is a barren wasteland as far as third party multiplatform games are concerned.

Believe me, once the already massive sales gap widens and keeps widening when Sony's juggernaut exclusives come out in 2015 the support for PS4 from third party devs will increase and the support for Xbone from devs will drop off. It won't be a quick process but it will happen.

You shouldn't be happy about that. The early years of PS3 told the same story, until they began selling at a faster rate than the 360 did and proved that they can sell a more expensive console than its vastly cheaper competitor and still sell more in a shorter space of time. That's never happening for Xbone vs. PS4 so it's a reality that will come to pass.

Deals like Tomb Raider and Minecraft are short-term investments for the Xbox brand that needs any kind of boost it can get. Those "investments" offer no aggressive strategy for the Xbone because they won't do anything for it. Minecraft is available on most other gaming platforms and Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive that is releasing beside Uncharted 4 (will wipe the floor with TR). It's like paying for something that you can't win something round the hard way and have it be respected. And global respect is what the Xbox brand needs to at least come close to competing with PlayStation… well that, or a year's head-start.

Blueraven3161548d ago

Xbox won't catch up in total sales. Europe and japan will be sony all day. They have a small chance to win America still but I don't see it happening. The 3rd party games are going to sell more on ps4. Even with the madden advertisement the Sony version outsold the x1 version by a lot

warzonegamer1548d ago

lmfaooo what war fanboys are so dumb smh

scark921548d ago

Came here to say that! I am glad others feel the same :D

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