Game Journalists, Do Not Write for Free

CCC Says: "Since #GamerGate brought up the topic of corruption in game journalism, and now that it's in the forefront of everybody’s mind, I thought I’d write a few article about the corruption I see. Note, that this corruption really has nothing to do with Zoe Quinn or Anita Sarkeesian, of whom I still support. This is corruption that I have lived for my entire career as a game journalist. This is corruption that is holding game journalism back in profound and unsettling ways. Also, it’s corruption that #GamerGate hasn’t really touched on, so in the hopes that they can do some good, I bring to you “Real Corruption in Game Journalism.” If you guys need something to fight against, here it is."

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zerocrossing1549d ago

I can confirm this through personal experiance.

I wrote unpaid for two gaming sites for over 3 months.

One told me I needed to write for them for 3 months before I'd be eligible for a paid position. When the 3 months were up they told me I'd be earning $2.00 an article and said they'd only pay me for the work I'm assigned.

The other told me I could write for them for free and (if) a paid position became available I'd be considered.

Needless to say I've stopped writing for both sites.

Trouble is, there's really nowhere for a videogame writer to go to get a proper paying writing job. Everywhere wants you to write for free and instead of money thy give out incentives like game codes and event passes. Fat lot of good codes and passes do if you have no money to purchase consoles to game on or buy petrol(gas for my American friends) to get to events .