Far Cry 4 Is More Far Cry 3 Action, And That’s Totally Fine - Gamer Headlines

Gamer Headlines had the chance to try out Ubisoft's Far Cry 4 earlier this week. Read our detailed preview of the 15 minute demo right here.

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Hendrickson1460d ago

Can't wait for this game, have it preordered

Vegamyster1460d ago

Hope they improve the side missions and add some solid secondary stories.

camel_toad1460d ago

Yeh I really enjoyed the first half of fc3 but it became repetitive towards the end. The length of Blood Dragon was just right by comparison.

bunfighterii1460d ago

Eh... I got bored quickly with FarCry 3.

Ubi games all feel kinda... I dunno... stiff.

DoomeDx1459d ago

I know exacly what you mean.

Same open world formula in a different coat.

ScottyHoss1459d ago

It's like the next step after milking just one or two franchises that are different is to make, as you put it quite well, the "Same open world formula in a different coat", across multiple games. That being said I've never tried far cry, I might give this a shot but watchdogs and assassins creed were too similar.

Locknuts1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

No it's not fine. I loved Far Cry 3 but a new locale and elephants don't justify a sequel. That's what expansion packs are for.

Edit: Showing my age there. By 'expansion packs' I mean DLC.

Pozzle1458d ago

I agree. I loved Far Cry 3, but I want more than just "same game, different coat of paint".

unjust751460d ago

New slap of paint, new game. UBisoft your not fooling me with this rehashed nonsense. This series and Assassins Creed are just more of the same and people complain about COD.

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