Throwdown Ep. 03 – “Mixed Reviews”

The Koalition's Tony Polanco writes:

"Ever since Destiny was released, I’ve been thinking about reviews and review scores. Actually, I think about them a lot. Seeing how the game has gotten lackluster reviews from most of the major gaming sites and how people have reacted to those reviews has made me think about them more than usual.

Tonight’s main topic is about reviews. What do we think of them? Are they a valid, objective analysis of a video game or are they just someone’s opinion? We also talk about review scores and how much influence gaming sites and Metacritic can have on a game’s sales based on the scores they receive.

On the gaming news front, we talk about some of the announcements that have been made during this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Bloodborne, Deep Down, Final Fantasy XV, Silent Hills and of course, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. A lot of cool stuff has been shown and we talk about the things we liked the most."

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MrKennedy1549d ago

This is a good post of a podcast which is called the Throwdown which is similar to throw up.

garrettglass1549d ago

My ideas towards reviews constantly shift.

SwiffEpics1549d ago

I would like a world where people actually read a review and form opinions on what's said, while also forming their own after trying the game. But the fact is, reviews are part of the business in the gaming industry and for that reason they won't go away. But I feel everything that was said on this show.

Canipa1549d ago

I don't really like scores either. Especially in article format. Thankfully to get to the score in video, you have to watch the bloody thing.

Hitman07691549d ago

Glad the Throwdown continued to live on after STFU and Play died out. Keep up the good work gentlemen. Say what's up to Anthony for me.

Romudeth1549d ago

Will do bro. Thanks for the support as always.