Canada's Future Shop is taking on Gamestop wrote: "... Gamestop's iron grip of death on used games might be loosening.

Meet the newest contender for second-hand software supremacy after the jump.

Future Shop, a Canadian retail chain owned by Best Buy, is looking to get some of that proverbial "fat cash" from used games.

According to an article on, the company plans to gradually implement the policy over the next few months.

"Starting with a test at six of its Future Shop stores in Calgary, the country's largest electronics retailer plans to expand its second-hand games offerings to all 133 Future Shop outlets by late summer, putting it head to head against the sector leader EB Games."

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ChiddaPotta3834d ago

good, anything's better than selling games to ebgames

cool83834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

This could be a great move for Future Shop

reccodog3834d ago

Future Shop = Gamestop.