Review: Bayonetta (Wii U) | G3AR

G3AR: "Okay, full disclosure, it’s my job to know and talk about games, but I really had no idea that the original Bayonetta was set to release on the Wii U until I got a code in my inbox. The game, which is set to release as a free packaged deal with the upcoming Wii U-exclusive, seems to have snuck up on a few folks; not only because of the lack of media coverage, but because everyone’s kind of sick of playing HD (I guess in this case HD-er?) remakes. Boy am I glad it did though because it’s one thing to talk about how underrated Bayonetta was during this last generation; it’s another thing completely to go back and replay the game for yourself."

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Realplaya1548d ago

Nice so this explains why some have gotten reviews out for the US a full month ahead.