Why Destiny Was Destined To Fail

Destiny is being ravaged by some critics and players but does it deserve it?

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NewMonday1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

300 million in the first week and PS4 sales quadrupling in the UK in the Destiny launch, the game is a big success, and for that it gets haters who just can't stand that success.

and for those who claim about the reviews Destiny has only "1" negative review on meta critic..

Positive: 47
Mixed: 24
Negative: 1

Lord_Sloth1547d ago

Harlock always speaks the truth. XXXD

solar1547d ago

CoD. sheeps follow the food supply. enough said on sales. ive played many games that are terrible when it comes to an entire complete game. just because a game is fun when playing with friends does not negate the fact the game is horrible.

my favorite horrible yet fun game to play with friends in Killing Floor. terrible animation, terrible hit boxes, just a total disaster of a game. but, playing with friends i had an absolute blast.

objdadon1547d ago

Yeah that's how I know you're trolling. Destiny "terrible "? I've played some terrible games in my life and there is absolutely nothing terrible about destiny! If it's not your particular taste,fine, but don't lie and call it terrible!

SonyMontana1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

"Horrible yet fun game" What are you even saying? The whole purpose of games is to have fun. My definition of a successful game is the fun factor. Hey do me a favor, when you pull your head out your butt, let me know if it makes a pop sound.

user3672721547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Watch Dogs also was the biggest new IP released to record sales on its first week to mixed and underwhelming reviews from critics and gamers and we have not heard a fart about that game since the first week of release.

This is a new generation and we are currently in a gaming drought and people are starving for new games to play and many bought and preorder new hyped games like Destiny and Watch Dogs hoping it will be good but the ultimate test like any blockbuster is legs and online community and I have a gut feeling Destiny will be forgotten in a month just like watch dogs before it. Maybe not so much on the ps4 side but on the xb1 is pretty much going to drop like a fly once The next COD, Halo MCC, and the Halo 5 beta are released. Marked my word.

bazinga_911547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

We aren't hearing about Titanfall much lately considering the enormous level of hype surrounding it. Is that a fail too? Was that forgotten in a month too?

HeWhoWalks1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Yeah, Titanfall pretty much smashes your view point. Haven't heard a peep about that one recently, either. Are you willing to call that a "failure" too? Has it been forgotten?

OT: I don't see how a HUGELY successful new IP is suddenly a failure, but hey, that's modern day gaming journalism for ya!

user3672721547d ago

At bazinga and Hewhowalks...I am talking about hyped muptiplatform console games available on both xb1 and PS4 recently. Titanfall came out way back in March and it scores great with critics and avg. 86 on metacritics and is still being play online by tons of people. Com on guys,You don't expect a game like Titanfall and Infamous SS, both of which scores great critically, that came out like 6 months ago to still be in the news.

bazinga_911547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Indeed, what you said has proven our point. Titanfall is good game, that is not in news lately but still played and enjoyed by PC and xbox gamers.
So I am really not understanding this sentence of yours:-

"we have not heard a fart about that game since the first week of release."

Casuals can care less about reviews.
Loads of people are playing it, enjoying it, spreading the word and making their friends aware of it. That is what eventually matters, right?. It doesn't need to be in the news to assure that it is being played and enjoyed.
If bungie can add content on monthly basis, then people would be playing it for months, without doubt.
So I say, let's have patience and see how the game develops further before boarding the hate bandwagon and calling it a failure already, shall we?

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MrPink20131547d ago

The Wii sold very well, does that mean everyone is obliged to say it was great? I played the destiny demo on my PS3. The gameplay was tight, looked great but reviews have highlighted my fears. The game gets quite boring with not much depth. That will change over time since this is a big project for Bungie.

The funding and advertising spent meant the game had unrealistic expectations. It's no wonder aaa games are on the demise, budgets have gotten out of hand.

Monstar1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Considering the game drought for current gen consoles and over hype and marketing for this game (guys who made halo)..the sales are NOT surprising.

This doesn't make it a good game. The credible sites gave the game a low score and the only thing people seem to be praising is the co-op/with friends..which is natural for shooters. (because it plays like halo). The overall package destiny covers is mediocre...lame repetitive mission, story, characters, open world, etc. A lot what was promised wasn't delivered, it's a half arse game.

Destinys so called FUN won't last..count on it.

DanteVFenris6661546d ago

The gear grind is pretty fun and it takes well over 40+ hours to get into high twenties. So 40+ is a good run for 60 dollars. I'd give it a 8. We should we rate it down for things it doesn't have. Cod doesn't have a good story yet it gets 9. It's simply because people expected all these things. Bungie can improve that's for sure, when the sequel is announced that's when we can truly see if they take to heart the critiIsms of the ip

Baccra171546d ago

People always forget about the drought. So right Monstar.

mananimal1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )


Would Destiny have 300 million in the 1st week if there wasn't a review embargo? Or other AAA games didn't get pushed back into 2015 so that Destiny would have very little competiton?

lol I don't think so, yes yes I know they said those games that got pushed back needed more polish etc, what else were the gonna say the Truth? lol

This is business 7 days out of theweek, sun up til sun down and all through the night, honesty is a hindrance to sales and we can't have the Truth getting in the way $$$ can we? Lmao.

Smh, give me a break, save your built in hater defense. It's just smear campaign against anyone who doesnt adhere to the Hive Mind Zombie complex that so many overly sensitive people are controlled by.

NewMonday1546d ago

millions played the Beta loved it and talked about it to there friends, millions watched streams and youtube videos, the game was no secret, and outside of the usual vocal minority gamers are positive and having fun,and the websites that give it a positive score are a big majority

sorry but the hate was useless, you can't stop destiny!

Baccra171546d ago

It's a success now cause it's new. Show me pulling this off with Destiny 2 and you'd be right to call this a success.

Right now it's an over hyped fluke.

breakpad1546d ago

because it is activision game ..that s why...everything that Activision has touched is transforming to shit instantly ...Cant you see Destiny ??it s a refurbished COD game nothing more..boring dull and uninspired

greenlantern28141546d ago

Destiny is a really good game, that is a lot of fun when playing with your buddies. Like it is ment to be played it is not a solo game. Could it be better? Of course it can, so can almost every game, movie, book, tv show that has ever been released. I for one never care about review scores and never will those are just some ones opinion. And as far as Metacritc user review scores, well since you don't even need to prove you have a game to review it, those are pointless.
And if you are someone who waits for reviews before you make up your mind about a game, you are the sheep

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RG_Dubz1547d ago

Sales wise, no.. Game wise, yes.. If only sales equalled a good game, unfortunately that's not how it works.

randomass1711547d ago

Mixed to positive reviews and millions in sales is considered failure now?

Bigpappy1547d ago

People played the beta, bought the game because they liked what they played. Now comes the reviewers who collectively say the game is not good.

So what really should be happening here? Should gamers go off their opinion and keep buying and playing the game, or should they turn and go the other way because the review scores are not high enough?

jontrueno1547d ago

Why game journalism is destined to fail.

Spotie1546d ago

All the journalism is gone.

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