Silent Hills shouldn’t need episodes

Joe Yang: "Assuming that Silent Hills really is under serious onsideration as an episodic story, I'm intrigued about the reasoning that led to such a decision. From a cynical point of view, it's an easy cash-grab on the Silent Hill franchise. The critical and fan-favorite might of the older Silent Hill games firmly roots the series as a horror king of cash-grabs, just behind Resident Evil.

But, if we take money out of the equation, the idea of an episodic Silent Hill is quite interesting: Silent Hill has always been an objective, fearsome enemy. The town is vile and vicious, but it's never waxed philosophical. Like the Dionaea House, it lures its victims in and never lets them out. It's a force of nature."

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CloudRap1546d ago

Never been a fan of Silent Hill but that PT demo certainly made the franchise some new fans myself included.

ceedubya91546d ago

It is really well done. I actually hope they keep the 1st person viewpoint for the final game. I think it adds more to the dread you feel while playing.

CloudRap1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Yeah they should definitely keep the 1st person view its just so much more immersive hell, while they're at it they should add Morpheus support now that would be terrifying.

jc485731546d ago

Kojima is aiming for both perspectives.

aCasualGamer1546d ago

I reaaally don't want this game to be episodic. We'll get those 1 hour experiences and then have to wait months before the next episode is out.

I just want to sit down and play this game over a weekend with my boys and turn them into tiny screaming school girls.

Can't they just make the whole experience? If Silent Hills is the franchise they chose... then you'd expect a fully outlined story from start to finish. Sure, leave some room for sequels but i really don't want those short 1 hour experiences.


-Foxtrot1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )


It shouldn't force you to be in First Person, optional yes but standard no

Silent Hill has always been third person, why change it, you may aswell make a new horror franchise if that's the case

Not to mention why get Norman Reedus for motion capturing then hide his face in first person.

Outside on the map and other places it should be third person. If you go into a house you have the option between first person and third.

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MysticStrummer1546d ago

"Each game is about a specific person, and how they deal with their personal demons. Episodic gaming removes this cohesion in favor of a shotgun approach; but doing so limits the amount of time each character has to evolve. It also changes the nexus from the person to the town itself."

That's assuming each episode is about different people. The article mentions The Walking Dead, which was mainly about Lee and Clementine, so an episodic Silent Hill could also mainly focus on one or two or few characters overall. Having the town viewed as a central character isn't a necessarily bad thing in my opinion. Rockstar has always said the cities are characters in GTA, and they've done fine with those games. As always everything hinges on how the developers bring their ideas to life. I enjoyed the cliff hanger aspect of the Walking Dead episodes and eagerly looked forward to the next one, and I can see the same thing happening with Silent Hill. Some weird revelation… fade to black… "To be continued".

ContinuePlay1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

That's a very good point.

Another question is how he defines episodic; does he mean dividing the game itself into chapters on the disc with catch-ups (I.E Alone in the Dark), does he mean individual episodes focusing on speficic characters, or does he mean DLC?

Time will tell.

Interestingly, the first-person perspective we've seen so far suggests a single outlook, unless there are introductory cutscenes to establish context.

Either way, we're looking forward to it. If only the TGS trailer was playable....

That arm thing? Terrifying.

Ocsta1546d ago

Episodic? There goes my anticipation.

zsquaresoff1546d ago

I agree. Same goes for walking dead. I haven't played the 2nd season yet because of that reason itself.

I heard the new resident evil revelations 2 is going to be a weekly thing as well.

I hope not.

ContinuePlay1546d ago

It is; it's been confirmed.

FullmetalRoyale1546d ago

Yep. I'll be buying season two to play in my PS4 on Halloween. Their release of these games are too sporadic. If they actually even remotely kept to a time schedule it would perhaps be a different story. But I learned after season one to just wait for the while thing.

TekKing1546d ago

If this is episodic then Kojima just killed the franchise. Downpour looked like it was getting closer to its roots and now here comes Kojima to destroy any progress (much like how he is destroying MGS with the new terrible English VAs).

ContinuePlay1545d ago

Silent Hill 4: The Room (yes, we know it was originally meant to be a different game) toyed with 1st person, and it worked well (time has been a lot kinder on that game than its initial release).

Since then, games like Outlast and Amnesia have shown that a 1st person perspective can actually do wonders for the genre, by removing the barrier of feeling as though there's something separating you from the action.

The big question is: if it's 1st person, will the player be a silent protagonist, or will there be a predefined character they're simply controlling?

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