PS4's Until Dawn Scared Me Out of My Headphones - TGS Hands-On, Headset-Off Preview | GR

"When the big moment came, I had become invested in the characters' search for truth in this horror scenario, and it got me. I recoiled so hard, my headphones slid well out of position. I would have loved to see my face, because my face is always great to look at." -GR

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knifefight1399d ago

For the first time since Silent Hill 2, I might need to play with a spare pair of pants next to me.

NewMonday1399d ago

or you can grab a Vita, go to the toilet and use remote play, no pants need be sullied

Lightning Mr Bubbles1399d ago

This game went from nothing, to totally on my watch list and it's even moving up the ranks, it's getting to where it might be one of my most anticipated games, which still sounds crazy , considering it began as a PS move game back on PS3, so I still don't want to assume it's gonna be great just yet, but it has my attention.

I still think the game is being overlooked by most people for those same reasons, but I hope it starts getting more attention as people start learning about it.

bazinga_911399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Sounds fabtastic!

Can't wait.

Horror games are really making a comeback.

Until dawn, silent hills, sony bend game. Wow, just wow!


Hehe, a little typo.

gangsta_red1399d ago

It seems nowadays every game scares the bejeezuz out of everything. I do admit this game does look interesting, a little worrisome though that it was an original ps3 Move title.

mixelon1399d ago

I don't see how that's worrisome?

gijsbrecht1399d ago

If I am not mistaken they started from scratch for the PS4. And they are now also using an updated version of the Killzone Shadow Fall engine. Personally I am looking forward to this particular game.

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