The Evil Within: New Hands On Preview At Skewed and Reviewed

Joseph at Skewed and Reviewed has tried his luck with the pending The Evil Within and loved what he saw. This game converted a non-horror game fan.

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DarkOcelet1549d ago

That awesome to hear , this game is gonna be big . Glad you liked it . Day 1 .

Garethvk1549d ago

You have to remember to burn them when they are down and there are some puzzles that may frustrate some. Also sequences that are scripted but once initiated your dead leaving you to wonder what part of your prior actions caused it. Tons of potential though.

DarkOcelet1549d ago

Thats exactly what i want my friend , an old school game that doesnt hold your hand and tells you what to do next and from what i have read from every single preview of this game , it looks like it's gonna be hard . So thats excellent .

Roccetarius1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

From what you've played already, would you say it's possible to save ammo / supplies for later, by skipping enemies like the old RE games?

Garethvk1549d ago

True plus the DLC will allow you to play from the perspective of other characters.

Akuma2K1548d ago

That's gonna be extra cool to see the storyline from other characters point of view, will make the replayability factor go thru the roof.

Garethvk1548d ago

At E3 I had a bit of a learning curve with the controls. To be fair, I drove straight from Phoenix to the convention center at 3 Am, and then waited a couple hours in the press room. So Bethesda was my first meeting, I sat through the Battlecry event and then went to the hands on so I was running on pure adrenaline at that point. It was a bit cumbersome to me as melee pushed them back mainly and ammo is scarce. I did do much, much better though at PAX Prime.

NixonMonoxide1548d ago

What a godawful preview. I played the game with good headphones, and something made me jump. This game is shaping up to be great...

Is that it? Fine example of journalism right there.

Roccetarius1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Not exactly the best example, but at least he had hands on time with it. I'm still avoiding more videos of the game, because it'll just lessen the experience.

Garethvk1548d ago

They would not let us know what could and could not be saved. I got the impression that if you have it in inventory it is yours until you are done unless it changes at a new segment of the game.

Garethvk1548d ago

He had three min to play, there is a much longer one on the page as well.
We are also limited in what we can and cannot talk to you about.

Try this if you want more in depth.