The Order 1886: Half Breeds Won't Stand A Chance Against These Weapons

When it comes to the perfect weapon. Ready At Dawn Studios have not got you covered as revealed from these highly dangerous prototype guns guaranteed to hurt you and those brave enough to get in the way.

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lisamorgan41550d ago

I am really looking forward to this game, it looks like one of the first true next gens to come to PS4.

bazinga_911550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Indeed, nothing touches this game on consoles when it comes to graphics. Can't believe this is RAD's first console game and they were able to create this spectacle. Mind=blown.

Just think about what ND and SSM will be able to do. :3

turdburgler10801550d ago

This game is gonna be all glamor and no substance. Like a smokin hot chick with no brains. You get all enticed by the looks but after talking to her for a few minutes you realize she would drive you bat $!#%. That's the order in a nutshell. Sorry to pop your bubble.

bazinga_911550d ago

Can I have your crystal ball buddy?
Wait a sec, *looks at comment history*


henrythomas2841550d ago

This game just looks so damn pretty. So would these prototypes explode in gamers hands? Its funny cause I never thought about modern weapons and how dangerous they much have been even back in the day. I guess someone had to test them out right in battle. I can only imagine how many people died field testing canons.

amyortega1311550d ago

These weapons look sick. I am just looking forward to an extensive gameplay. Despite the recent negative feedback, I still think this is going to be good.

edwardhuff6631550d ago

I actually don't think you have anything to worry about. They still have a while to go. Its better they hear negative feedback now they can address than the game come out and get bomb by reviewers like destiny.

alvinmiller921550d ago

I agree with @edwardhuff663. Thats why they have taste makers.

I just hope they don't hype this game too much. I think a perfect balnce of marketing mixed with gameplay demo's should be enough to gain enough response

charliewong9801550d ago

The game reminds me a little like gears of war from what I have seen with the action camera following at such a tight angle. I like how the cinematics do cut through from movie to game.

bazinga_911550d ago

Wow! Such badass weapons. That lightning weapon is my fav.
This game gonna rock baby!

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The story is too old to be commented.