Gamernode: Blast Works: Build, Trade, and Destroy

Gamernode writes: "If I had to summarize Budcat Creations' Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy in as few words as possible, "Katamari SHMUP 2.0" would be one of the most apt descriptions I could come up with. An upgraded port of Kenta Cho's 2004 freeware PC shooter Tumiki Fighters, Blast Works is a side-scroller that requires players to use the fallen debris from downed enemy aircraft to augment their own ship, gaining offensive and defensive advantages as they progress.

There are no statistics or attributes given value by a collection of arbitrary numbers in Blast Works, nor are there are any magical glowing powerups floating throughout the airspace; the characteristics and abilities of the player's aircraft at any moment are defined by its physical form, created on-the-fly by the player. This is done by catching the broken bits (or entire structures) of conquered foes with their own ship, eventually creating a sticky pile of random parts that are haphazardly (or strategically) clumped together."

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