9 Free MMOs that Deliver Full-Price Quality

In just a few years, the world of free MMOs has grown from a 2D ghetto of suspicious foreign ZIP files into a full-fledged gaming subgenre of international scale. Yet it's still a wild, ungoverned field, with far-flung nations like Korea and Malaysia flooding the web with more and more no-fee games every day - many of which are archaic, incomprehensible, or just plain bad.

But there are plenty of gems out there if you know where to look.

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truncheon3749d ago

playing runescape forever. just email me your password and i'll hack jagex servers for you

Telmarine3749d ago

At least show us a little respect...we arn't that stupid...most of us arn't....half of us arn't...some of us arn't...nevermind.

mr_potato3749d ago

This sucks i wanted to try Mythos but i dont have an invite

Wise Rant Monkey3749d ago

<Yah, it looks pretty sweet. Just sign up for a beta invite.)

mr_potato3749d ago

Where do i do that.

Also why in the hell did i get a disagree.

Wise Rant Monkey3749d ago

<Goto . Underneath the login, there's a space to type your e-mail address that says "Beta Signup" over it.)

thehitman3749d ago

that not only are free but are way better than WoW.

Martial Heroes
Silkroad Online

and many more. The best MMORPG are free 1s they just arent as main stream as some of the pay 1s.

Darkiewonder3749d ago

they definitely did an overhaul. completely 3D and it looks sweet. but the CB was great in its state.

Baka-akaB3749d ago

hum part of that list is some grinding crap , and stuff we accept basically because its free , but wouldnt pay for .

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