Why You Should Pick Up GTA V Again

IM PLAYIN takes a look at GTA V on the last-gen consoles and discusses why you should pick it up again.

"Since Christmas, all I have done is give attention to my PS4 (and rightly so), I’ve made sure that I am getting this early investment of what I’d paid back from the console, damn straight. However months on, and being like a few other people I am sure, we all come to a slight slump. We’ve played the games on our shelves/ digital libraries quite a bit now. The other games we want we can’t always afford. So what can be done? What is there in the gaming world that we can do in order to kill time when we don’t have things to do, or when we in fact have things to do but procrastinating seems like a gem of an idea. Well what I say is, if you’ve got it, is pick up GTA V, put it in your disk drive, and play it."

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Matt6661548d ago

I going to wait and see the final version before I think about re-buying GTA 5, yea its a good game but not my favorite, in my own opinion there was a lot more things to do in GTA SA then there is in GTA 5

guitarded771548d ago

Oh yeah... we know there will be huge expansions/DLC, so holding off for the inevitable "Special Collectors GOTY Mega Edition" would probably be best. Plus, by the time it comes around, the game will feel fresh again.

MurDocINC1548d ago

I'll be getting again for PC, better keyboard/mouse controls and no auto aim are going to make gunfights alot more interesting.
And there's ofcourse mods.

KnownAsEpic1548d ago

Because it's fuckin' GTA V!

madworld1548d ago Show
Artemidorus1548d ago

I took a long break from GTA V and the advice I give is to continue giving it a break until the updated next gen arrives.

All you will do is quickly get bored. It's nice to fire up an old game you enjoyed with the bonus of updated graphics on a new system.

I hope Rockstar offer some new things in this GTA V and more so for the online as to be honest when you are charging full price for a repeat, you usually get extra's or directors cut etc.

Kurisu1548d ago

I'm not picking it up again. I'll be picking it up for the first time :)

medman1548d ago

I'm with you...I held off for ps3/360 and can't wait to play on ps4. I've avoided all spoilers and friend updates on GTAV for this long...I'm really going to enjoy diving into the huge map and wreaking havoc!!

Kurisu1540d ago

Yep, same. Not read a thing about the story. I'm getting it as a Christmas present so going to wait until then to play it! Hope you enjoy it when you get around to it :)

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