Crytek Explains Why Ryse Is Coming To The PC, Praises PS4 Sales But No Plans For A PS4 Version

Senior Producer at Crytek, Brian Chambers comments on the lack of PS4 version of Ryse.

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user74029311547d ago

Is there really a need for a explanation? Isn't this obvious?

SteamPowered1547d ago

Is there any need to comment then?

thekhurg1547d ago

I still think it's possible, with Deep Silver taking over publishing duties on the PC, it's possible they might see financial success by releasing it on the PS4 too at some point in 2015.

SteamPowered1547d ago

@thekhurg I think they would skip the first Ryse and just push the sequel on all platforms. Ryse wasnt really a monster in the sales dept, so I think a late release wouldnt do it any favors on another platform.

aCasualGamer1547d ago

With all the layoffs i'd expect them to quit this MS milking and just commit to multiplatform format.

DLConspiracy1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Haha The Truth of "Ryse" is that its an OK game. Even if it were a PS4 exclusive. It was nothing more than a pretty game with decent OK story. I enjoyed it but it was mainly a game that pushed graphics. That's about it.

k3rn3ll1547d ago

They probably haven't discussed coming to ps4 because so many ps4 owners have been talking so much shit about ryse since it came out. I think that's why they directly said that about fans asking for it on pc but mentioned nothing about fans asking for it on ps4. It is unfair to say that the xbox sales numbers are disappointing. People don't buy alot of 1 year old games anymore. Especially one that didn't have very good reviews

BootyBandit1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Ryse is a rental.
Which is how I played it and what it was worth as far as value. It was a simplistic hack and slash game reminiscent of the PS1 / Saturn era when it came to game mechanics, decent story, excellent graphics (w/ performance issues) but very linear and some weird camera angles at times. Once you played it an hour you played the game. That's just how simplistic the mechanics are in Ryse. The only thing that really changed throughout the game was the landscape. But it sure was purdy.

I blew through it in a day. Tried it online for an hour. Thought I would play it again so I held on to it for a week. Than I sent it back to gamefly wondering why I didn't sooner.

When it comes to Steam I am going to wait as long as it takes and pick it up for 5 dollars (rental fee) just to see the differences. I have a pretty powerful PC so I should easily be able to run it on ultra settings.

If it comes to the PS4 I doubt I would even rent it. Unless of course it was a sequel and they put much more effort and complexity into the mechanics.

_-EDMIX-_1546d ago

LOL! They are likely not talking about a PS4 version based on they likely using the profits from the PC port to do a PS4 version.

ie if the PC port does well, they have money for a PS4 port.

If it does bad, they don't have funds to port it.


If they say (PC and PS4 coming soon) and the PC version does crap and they can't afford to continue the PS4 will look really, really bad.

I think they are just trying to get funds to make a PS4 port happen, but can't 100% say for sure as sales will determine that.

Mr Pumblechook1546d ago

The bottom line is that what seemed like a great deal going exclusive with the Xbox 720 turned out to lose Crytek all those potential PS4 customers and profits - it's the same mistake that EA made with Titanfall.

It wasn't a great game anyway but PS4 owners who fill they've missed out there is one silver lining. Crytek's Brian Chambers says "Currently there is no announcement regarding RYSE coming to PS4." Which quite frankly leaves the door open to release when the exclusivity window runs out.

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gaminoz1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

I think if they want to maximise profit they should look at putting it on PS4 too- especially if it wasn't a sales monster at launch on Xone.

I really enjoyed the game actually, despite its limitations. I like hack n slash games in historic settings, and it was pretty atmospheric.

Burrito26a1547d ago

No where does it say why it's not coming to the PS4 (Not that I'd get it anyway).

BattleTorn1547d ago

'cause PC players asked for it'

was all i saw

gman_moose1547d ago

My question would be... why? With all the killer titles available to PC gamers why would they want this? Doesn't make much sense.

starchild1547d ago

More games are always better than fewer games. Many people on Xbox One really liked Ryse, so it stands to reason that there will be people on PC that really like it too.

I played a bit at a friend's house recently and it seemed a lot better than some of the negative voices on the internet would lead you to believe. My friend likes it a lot too. In fact, a lot of the people I talk to in real life who have played it seem to think it is at least decent. Some thought it was great.

Kayant1547d ago

A.k.a MS likely got console exclusivity rights since they published it.

dazzrazz1547d ago

Nobody would by it anyway....

SteamPowered1547d ago

I'm buying it for Pc, damn right. Just as soon as it hits the Steam Sale :)

solar1546d ago

same here. Crytek has gone down the toilet since Crysis 1

Sitdown1547d ago

Of course they won't "by" it, they will buy it.

Spotie1547d ago

Probably won't do that, either.

nirwanda1546d ago

I like it when the ladies bi it.

gameseveryday1547d ago

The interviewer explicitly asks why it's not coming on the PS4, despite the console leading this generation. Crytek then explains that the community wanted the game on the PC and they are working on a PS4 game which is not Ryse.

I am not sure how this is misleading.

98xpresent1547d ago

In his words "The PS4 has gained a large user base in a short time and CRYTEK will develop titles for it the near future, such as HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age. Currently there is no announcement regarding RYSE coming to PS4"

Eonjay1547d ago


"Currently there is no announcement regarding RYSE coming to PS4"

Does Not Equal:

"We have plans to bring it to PS4"

MeliMel1547d ago

Just a little misleading......

I was actually expecting a big explanation as to why no PS4 version.

But whatever no big deal and i didnt feel like i wasted my time.

starchild1547d ago

Very doubtful it would come to PS4. Crytek need all the money they can get right now and if they aren't releasing it on PS4 along with the PC then it probably means that the contract they have with Microsoft only allowed for a PC version, not a rival console version. Microsoft published the XB1 version.

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Eonjay1547d ago

If there haven't announced anything, how can you assume that they DO have plans to bring it to the PS4?

Your argument isn't logical. Rashid is correct.