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Austin Flynn writes: "This game really does have a feel all of its own. The pace of fights finds a happy medium between the lightning quick action in Melee and the lax, thoughtful battles of Brawl. Aerial and ground combat share an equal importance and characters old and new maintain (and in many cases, upgrade) the personalized moveset and animations that brought them to life in previous instalments."

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live2play1549d ago

Alot of people give up on he 3ds version because of how the controls are.
I admit i kept dying and confused with shield and grab alot. I couldnt really flow with the character. But after several matches your fingers adjust and youre back to smashing like never before.
I love this game, i love the speed its perfect, not too fast not to slow. Im addicted to the demo, i can just imagine how the full game must feel.
Im tired of 2 minute matches :( but i keep going back!