Darksiders 2 cost THQ $50m to develop, says Nordic Games boss

The development of Darksiders 2 cost THQ $50 million, according to the company who bought the IP from the defunct publisher last year.

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R00bot1548d ago

Expensive. Maybe if they had spent less on Darksiders 2 they might have stayed in business.

DarkOcelet1546d ago

Its actually a pretty good price for a greater game than most of those 200 million dollar budget .

mikeslemonade1546d ago

That's actually pretty cheap.

Riderz13371546d ago

What the hell that's not good at all...What games cost 200M? Uncharted 3 cost ND 20M...

bouzebbal1546d ago

when i play it i really dont feel it's worth anything because i think it's waaaay inferior to the first one which i really liked!

PS3Freak1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Darksider 2 > Darksiders

It's too bad this game didn't do better; I would like to play more games set in the Darksiders universe.

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LordMaim1546d ago

It had a lot more to do with the failure of uDraw and UFC. As for expensive, Microsoft could have made 50 games on that $50 million dollar expensive budget for the same money they spent on Minecraft. Kind of puts it in perspective doesn't it.

Kran1546d ago

"I spent $5m from my own bank account. It was a lot of money for me, but we got the money back very quickly."

Considering the first one was a sleeper hit, it was fair to say the second was gonna sell a few million copies over time, which it did.

lelo2play1546d ago

With the 2.5 billions $ spent on Mojang, Microsoft could produce quite a few games with a similar budget to Darksiders 2.

brish1546d ago

The cost of making games is rising but the sales numbers for games isn't going up.

It's a problem the industry caused themselves because the industry defines the budget for game development.

Gamers are used to each new game having better graphics, more features etc. but this business model isn't sustainable. Eventually the cost of making games will exceed that amount of money they can make.

Roccetarius1546d ago

Seems like a few developers know how to keep the budget low, while still making plenty of profit. Such as CDPR.

brish1546d ago


The Witcher 2 Only Cost $10.3 Million To Make

TW3 will cost at least 100 million PLN (That's over 30 million USD),32...

MSBAUSTX1546d ago


Shin'en also makes beautiful games for extremely low budgets that sell really well.

fatneal1546d ago

expensive...huh? thats extremely low cost considering how good that games is and considering its a 30 hour game

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eddieistheillest1546d ago

THQ should of used some of that money on Homefront.

Roccetarius1546d ago

Holy crap, $50m? And they still wasted development on a inferior game, compared to the first one. Not even a massive RPG is costing that much to develop.

Kran1546d ago

Skryim development and marketing budget: $85 Million


You sure bruh?

Roccetarius1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

I know Bethesda spends astronomical amounts of money on inferior games, but i was pointing to Witcher 3. Witcher 3 is rumoured to be in the 20 - 25m range.

Angerfist1546d ago

They probably spend most of it on marketing 😃😃

1546d ago
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