Disgaea 5 Japanese release date announced

Disgaea 5 will launch for PlayStation 4 in Japan on March 26, Nippon Ichi Software announced during its Tokyo Game Show press conference.

The standard edition retail version will cost 7,200 yen (7,776 yen with tax) and the download version will cost 6,171 yen.

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Inception1547d ago

That means we can expect Disgaea 5 english on sept / oct 2015?

KillaManiac1546d ago

As long as we get it in NA I will be happy.

I will buy it 100% and put hundreds of hours in it just like all Disgaeas, but that didn't look any different from the PS3 games.

They claimed there would be much more enemies and stuff with PS4 power, but guess thats for future trailer.

tulholdren1546d ago

Day 1 can't wait to play this game loving the series. Putting this one next to the others. Sony exclusives keeping my wallet on E.