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Paul from DJ Podcasts writes "Folks, it’s time to select your ride, strap yourself in and prepare yourself for one of the biggest racing experiences on next generation consoles. I am of course referring to Forza Horizon 2 “The Demo” which is out now on the Xbox Live Marketplace and weighs in at a healthy 10.5GB in size. Firstly I must say that the Forza Horizon 2 Demo is more than just a demo, in fact I’d say it’s probably the biggest demo I’ve ever played that allows me to race with my friends and explore the world for as long as I like, or part of it anyway."

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SideNote1546d ago

Never have I after playing a demo wanted a game so badly. I could live on Forza Horizon 2 its that good. This is a 10/10 demo.

bleedsoe9mm1546d ago

i agree , that demo is great, hope the game is deep and long , the beauty and freedom in that demo is crazy and it has a great sense of speed and the handling of the cars is top notch .

GodGinrai1546d ago

THe praise just keeps rolling in for this game. Not hard to see why after spending time with the demo. Its pretty obvious its better than the first game. Expect 9s and the odd 10 all round for this game.

deepio1546d ago

Amazing. Just amazing.

jmetalhead98121546d ago

Completely agree!! This game looks and feels fantastic!! 11 days and counting...

WickedLester1546d ago

I guess it's just me but I didn't like the handling in this demo. Forza 5's handling is perfect. The handling in this demo felt far too "floaty" and I ended up swirving all over the road.

bleedsoe9mm1546d ago

i think the handling is great , really solid on paved roads , gets a little looser on gravel , and even looser when blazing a trail across a vineyard . felt perfect to me .

WickedLester1546d ago

<shrugs> I don't know. I even checked my TV to make sure it was in "Game Mode" to minimize lag. I'm just struggling to dial in the handling with this game.

bleedsoe9mm1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

@WickedLester just a thought have you got your controller completely updated with the latest firmware

Cherchez La Ghost1546d ago

The handling is different. Just let off the gas and cruse around the corners. And remember, you're rallying when your off road. But besides that, I didn't expect the demo to be this good. I've getting the season pass for this game.

Software_Lover1546d ago

Did you go into the settings and change it to your liking?

SIMOIKIE1546d ago

Demo was fantastic loved it! This will be a big plus for Team xbox! Preordered ultimate edition n predownload will be on right at midnight!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.