First Hour: D4 (Xbox One)

Is D4 One Of The Weirdest Games Ever Made? Yes. Dark Dreams Don't Die When Colin Checks Out The First Hour Of Sweary's D4 On The Xbox One!

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DLConspiracy1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

IT'S finally out!! WTF. Not one word of it coming out? WTF? Purchased!

DrKarateChop1547d ago

There was word. Yesterday. Yes, yesterday.

You'd assume after they gave it stage time at E3 2013 they would've given us a little more of a heads up.

DLConspiracy1547d ago

Yeah like they should be bragging about another exclusive game. Perhaps they are ashamed of the kinect after all? Just weird.

Foehammer1547d ago

Getting good reviews so far.