Savvy YouTuber recreates Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and Sopranos with GTA V engine

8-bit bastard has created some incredible introductions for some of the best shows on TV, all in the GTA V engine. Marvelous!

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reddevilandy101522d ago

This would be the best show ever. Not that it isn't already, but even better.

mafiahajeri1522d ago

Season 5 is intense so far, loving it. This reminds me, we need a mafia 3!

skulz71521d ago

OMG so true. Mafia 2 was the most underrated game IMO. And Boardwalk Empire is a fantastic show, we need a game set during this era!

Iceball20001521d ago

Boardwalk Empire is an amazing show! One of the best! But yes I'm definitely looking forward to Mafia 3!