10 Classic Games We Want Remastered

EasyGuidez: What it feels when you see a classic video game in next-gen HD visuals? Some of games, you played in childhood, what is it that makes you want to play again? Here are the 10 classic video games that we want remastered in HD visual and graphics. Which game you want as remastered?

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Tango111464d ago

Diablo II and Warcraft II deserve to be Remastered.

NovusTerminus1464d ago

DMC 1 & 3 running on Panta Rei.

lovingbird1464d ago

just 2 out of 10 I think to be remastered
Warcraft II and Battlefield 1942

Roshanish1464d ago

Warcraft II must be remastered
i like your choice

Zeniix1464d ago

Would love to see a Saga Frontier 1 & 2 remaster

user74029311464d ago

gta vice city, soul reaver series, manhunt

billybehr1464d ago

Soul Reaver and Manhunt! Agreed!

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The story is too old to be commented.