6 Games That Will Get Absolutely Buried in November’s Busiest Release Window

These are six games that don't stand much of a chance of standing out in the release window of November 17-23, the busiest release window in quite some time.

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MSBAUSTX1549d ago

I agree that all of these listed are going to be overlooked for the most part. Look for sonic to find the most traction than the others purely due to its being linked to the show and two titles released on Wii U and the other on 3DS. I am actually looking forward to seeing how the gameplay is handled in it. The reviews I have seen dont say it is terrible, merely that it is different.

Watch Dogs however is going to be the biggest piece of junk around as far as sales. Nintendo owners in general are done with Ubisoft because of their lack of integrity and failure to provide the people who did support their games on the Wii U with proper support in return.

This game isnt releasing only a couple months late. It is releasing 6 MONTHS late. Anyone whi was going to play this game would have done so by now on their other owned ps4 or XB1. This . Game will do maybe 200k lifetime sales on Wii U at the most and Ubisoft will use it as another reason to abandon the Wii U even though they are the ones releasing it 6 months late.

All of the other games never really had a chance to compete with other titles releasing in November, except maybe Project Cars. But you need to remember that getting you game released in November poises it for strong sales through the entire Holiday season. Almost all of the new games coming out between now and new years are in November. So they will sell better in December once christmas gets closer.

XanderZane1549d ago

Yeah, I'm not getting any of those games. There are much better games coming out in Oct & Nov.

Fkhalf161549d ago

Except Project Cars, I think its gonna sell especially in Europe.

JuleyJules1549d ago

Looking forward to Project Cars on Wii U in 2015 and Sonic on Wii U on November 11th. Maybe if Project Cars does tank on other systems but does better on Wii U when it's released in a month that's not crazy with releases they'll see that Wii U is the platform to put out sequels on. Time will tell I guess but it looks great!

DC7771549d ago

It's just dumb on the publisers part. I may have bought a few of these during the 9 month deadzone and especially in July or August. Now you are right, they will be buried and forgotten. I'm sure some could have been out sooner.

It's great that we had MK8, DKTF, Titanfall, Infamous and WatchDogs and all but with new systems people want to eat up anything new that comes out. Now these will be lost in AC, COD, Smash, Halo Black Friday holiday madness. Good Luck.