PS4 Doubles Up Xbox One But Will We See A Momentum Shift?

The PlayStation 4 has a big lead on the Xbox One right now, but it's not impossible that we'll see a momentum shift in due time. Will it happen?

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Enemy1547d ago

Yeah, September is going to be massacre with that white Destiny bundle.

badboyz091546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

The only shift we'll see is if Microsft opens up there Wallet. I think Instead of bringing up sales we should bring up profit more. Microsoft has to spend alot of $$$$$ To stay in the console race each gen. By securing 3rd party exclusives and such. Where as sony and Nintendo mostly rely on there 1st party studios.

jnemesh1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

VGChartz (yeah, I know...they suck, but it's all we have that's even close) is showing 472,855 PS4s sold for the week (Sept 7th through Sept 13th) with the Xbone at 171,486. So yeah, PS4 outsold Xbone by 300,000 consoles on Destiny Week!

Japan also fell to just over 3,000 Xbones yeah, Xbone is officially dead in Japan.

Calling it now...Xbox is NEVER going to close the gap with PS4 this gen. The momentum is on Sony's side, and with more people gravitating to what their friends already own, the network effect is in full effect. MS is NEVER going to regain the initiative. They will continue to have significantly less titles on their platform, and will continue to lose customers to the PS4 because of this. War over, we can all go home now.

donthate1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

That momentum shift has already happened and we saw an decrease in the "MONTHLY sales gap":

Month Xbox One PS4
Mai 77 197 120
June 197 269 72
July 131 187 56
August 160 190 30

Notice the gap went from 120k units in Mai, almost doubling the unit sales of Xbox One, to a mere 5th of August to only 30k.

Sure PS4 might get a boost with Destiny, but that boat is now gone, and Xbox One is coming with it's exclusive line up to combat PS4.

I think it will be closer than many think in the UK/US.

xHeavYx1546d ago

Damn dude, your nickname fits you perfectly.
There may be a month or two where the Xbox One sells more than the PS4 (Maybe when the next COD or the MCC launch) but that will be it

SoapShoes1546d ago

Dude in August Xbox One had tons of deals for free games to go with it. Of course it will do better. Just think how much PS4 would sell if they did a deal, I bet people go crazy for PS4 on black friday. They'll probably have a PS4 bundle with two free games on it.

FITgamer1546d ago

@YouAreSalty The WW gap for the week September 13th alone is 300k. It's not closing.

darthv721546d ago

Personally i don't have a horse in this race. but i am really curious about something. If the XB1 is said to have the better games (subjective) at the moment. then what is really driving the sales of the PS4?

This situation really reminds me of the Dreamcast. A great system with great games but just could not sell to those who had their minds set on getting a PS2.

Honest question here... those of you who have both please enlighten me on if you really feel the XB1 is deserving of the shunning it is receiving.

PS4 is a great system but is the XB1 really that bad in comparison?

donthate1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )


Why are you being all salty?

Fact of the matter is I showed you the trend with factual data from NPD.

What happens next, I do not know. However, judging by the strong exclusive launch lineup and strong performance in the month even when PS4 released Last of US Remaster.

I think all signs point to MS gaining quickly.


If you are referring to the free game with the bundle, then it was in September and it lasted a week.

In August months both Xbox One and PS4 was going for $360 repeatedly. Just google it, reported on numerous deal sites.

In the end the reason is somewhat unimportant as long as people see value in either console and pick it up.


I said, MONTHLY SALES GAP. That is the gap each month generated from the sales. MS has to first close that gap just to sustain the current unit gap, then they start overtake it.

Biggest1546d ago

You showed partial data (if the data you showed is even accurate). NPD doesn't track the world. The PS4 has doubled the Xbone. . . world wide.

xHeavYx1546d ago

@Very Salty Dude

I wasn't being salty, I was just making fun at the way you twist numbers to try to make a point. Your comment isn't any different of any of the other delusional people who stopped commenting here (I.E Truefan1, Gergenoob, etc. Hell, even Kon now pretends to be part of the master race to avoid embarrassment)

nix1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Salty, US is not equal to the world. PS4 sells approximately 1.1 million a month.

How did i come up with that number? Simple math.

10 million consoles divided by 9 months.

So remember this next time you bring up your figure of 160,000.

Even if we generously add 200,000 for XBox 1 it's still short by more than half a million.

Don't cry.

MeliMel1546d ago

@ Darth,

No the Xbox One is not bad. I'll go as far as saying if it wasnt for the negative way it was presented in the beginning this race would be alot closer.

Xbox One is an awesome console. So is the PS4.

54LK1546d ago

COD Fans will Jump at Aw bundle(1TB). The white Xbox is a thing of beauty itself that comes with an exclusive game. I think with the re-branding happening over at Microsoft we will see a shift. Xbox Is a magnificent media hub. From Onedrive to Playto and Internet Explorer and the array of apps, it's bound to gain traction.

Xbox 2 is bound to happen so microsoft will throw as much money at this as possible. It's all about the 256 mb of esram. :)

ABizzel11546d ago


I have all 3, a gaming PC, and both handhelds.

The XBO is just looked at as a secondary console IMO, and that's how I felt coming into this gen, and that image was all completely MS fault with the reveal and the policies. As I said I'm a PC gamer as well, so hardware matters to me and with the PS4 being the more powerful console and costing $100 less the the XBO it was a no brainer for me to pick the PS4 up first. If I learned anything from the last gen it was the most expensive console, and the console with the most negativity is going to have the first price drop, and the XBO was that console so I was willing to wait until that happened. On top of that I didn't care about Kinect on the 360, so the $100 price increase was even more damaging to them for me.

A year later and I have the XBO as well, and it's a good console, and I would say it's comparable to the PS4, although performance in most games go to the PS4 or at worse parity with the XBO. Games 4 Gold have come a long way, but PS+ is still better IMO (quality wise). The PS4 is streamlined for gaming and has fast loading, updates, installs, and downloads, the XBO has brief 1 sec. loads for simple things like trying to start a party and installs and updates can take several minutes longer on games and in some cases hours (Sniper Elite).

The XBO is a better multimedia device, snap is great, TV is great if that's you thing (not mine, and got rid of cable), and it has way more apps the the PS4.

The final thing is games, and this is where PS wins it for me, because they have equal if not better quality (when it comes to exclusives), diversity, and quantity on their side.

If you're a 360 fan, then the XBO is still a great console and a good upgrade for you that you'll enjoy. If you're a PS3 fan the PS4 is a great console and a good upgrade you'll enjoy.

If I had to recommend one it would be the PS4, but i'd never stop someone from getting an XBO and if that's what they wanted I'd encourage them to get it.

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TheWatercooler1546d ago

True. They can't even give that 80's VCR xbone away. At this rate they will have to offer 5 free games.

killacal131546d ago

The one might pick up with some more collections, but the Ps4 will remain on top. It is just a matter of momentum, the x box one already has a price drop, imagine when the Ps4 hits 350$ or even 300$, It will skyrocket even further.

assdan1546d ago

I don't get what the article is trying to say. Is it possible that the ps4 will get passed by the xbox one? Of course it's possible. But It's also possible that I'll get hit by lightning tomorrow.

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Eonjay1547d ago

Anything is possible. However, the Xbox One has to do one thing before it can make a comeback, it has to stop the monthly gap. You have to assume, that the PS4 will continue to sell at its current pace, so the only way for the Xbox One to catch up is to outsell it consistently. The PS4 is selling at a record pace so in order to stop it, the Xbox One would have to literately become the fastest selling console in history.

sovkhan1546d ago

It is not gonna happen :) Fixed!!!

PS4isKing_821547d ago

Nah it's too late for that. Most countries prefer the ps4 this gen but Xbox will still have a decent install base, just won't by nothing compared to ps4. Mush like the original Xbox vs ps2 battle.

mhunterjr1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

It's not like the original xb vs ps2 at all. The ps2 outsold the og xbox 8:1. The xbox's installed base was negligible, as were its software sales comparison. It was to the point where some multiplatform developers made more money skipping the xbox than making a port. For example, EA bucked xbox live altogether.

even if the gap remains 2:1or 3:1, the xbox's installed base and software sales we won't see that kind of dynamic. Even at this current rate, xb1 seems poised to eek out a marketshare greater than it had with the 360 (30%)

Foehammer1546d ago

You are 100% correct, but the fanboys here fear perspective.

That's why you never hear the sales in perspective, 13 Countries to 100. Doesn't sound as good even though it's a fact.

DaleCooper1546d ago

That's a fair comparison. PS2 was everywhere, but the original Xbox did alright and had some great games itself.

KakashiHotake1546d ago

I agree just for your avatar lol

user74029311546d ago

No. Playstation 4 is the best console this generation.

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