Checking Out Advance Warfare's Multiplayer Debut | gamrReview TGS Preview

gamrReview's Xavier Griffiths: "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare had a multiplayer reveal demo available at Microsoft’s Xbox One booth at this year’s TGS, and it wasn't until I got my hands on the new multiplayer additions that I truly realized the extent to which this is a full on sci-fi shooter; it has more in common with a series like Halo (or more recently, Titanfall) than most of its series predecessors. It was also the most enjoyable demo I've played at TGS so far."

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KakashiHotake1548d ago

I'm really looking forward to getting my mittens on this one. It's been a long time since Iv'e looked forward to a new Call of Duty game but this one has caught my attention. The multiplayer modes just look sick.

FullmetalRoyale1548d ago

Yeah, I'm in. Skipped Ghosts, as a lot of other burnt out fans did as well, but this looks good. I am also looking forward to seeing what Dead Space alumni can pull off with a polished shooter, story wise.

DivoJones1548d ago

I'm hoping my curse ends and this year and I can finally enjoy a new CoD more than the last one.

corroios1548d ago

The problema with this franchise is that people dont stop buying it. It doesnt matter the quality, is just the name and activision can pump every single year another one and make billions...

COD should by the most advanced in every single aspect because they got the Money, but we all know...

WilDRangeRfc1548d ago

I think this will be COD back to its best and everyone will respect it again and love it again,remember when the original Modern Warfare came out?? It's the reason I am a massive online multiplayer gamer now

WilDRangeRfc1548d ago

Everyone should get off the COD hate wagon and realise we have what we asked for,new engine,graphics and gameplay,and the copy and paste and lack of effort we see every year has finally stopped,this will be the best shooter since Modern Warfare and Titanfall can't wait to play this looks sick,I am getting this on X1 already have Destiny on PS4 but I think this will easily be better than Destiny

dcj05241548d ago

Graphics are still sub-par. Was expecting at least killzone 3 graphics

brewskiebob1548d ago

They will never top cod4....but this will be the best since cod4 i hope