Ryse: Son of Rome - Here Are 45 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage From The PC Version

YouTube’s member ‘Fantomena’ has shared a video, showcasing 30-45 minutes of gameplay footage from the PC version of Ryse: Son of Rome.

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4Sh0w1550d ago

Great game, if you haven't played it on X1 I suggest checking it out on pc....still one of my favorites this gen.

traumadisaster1550d ago

Is there a retail version coming cause I get a discount at best buy or only steam?

starchild1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I played a bit on a friend's XB1 and I thought it was pretty decent. The combat really isn't that different than games like Batman Arkham City and I don't know why it got so much hate. The combat is not amazing or super deep, but it isn't boring either. The story seemed interesting and the presentation is jaw-dropping. I've heard mostly good things from people that have actually played through it. I'll definitely be pre-ordering it off Steam soon.

DFogz1550d ago

Definitely looks like it'll play a lot better with a controller. I'll probably pick it up whenever it goes on sale.

By the way, Ryse has multiplayer!? How does that work in a linear hack'n'slash game?

DeathOfTheFanBoy1550d ago

kind of like horde, it's co-op against bots and it's a bunch of fun too, I sold my copy but often wish I hadn't... perhaps it'll come out on GwG at some point

I loved the campaign, if you use the same strategy it will get repetitive though.
Story wise it's epic and certainly deserving of a sequel with a more in depth combat sytem

windblowsagain1550d ago

The rolling about with that huge shield was silly.

Should be some sort of tiredness, and the need to recover more.

Crytek are trying to claw some money back from failed sales.

I might pick up on sale.

Einhert1550d ago

Unoptimised mess, no surprises there....

He has a GTX 690.....

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