The Fate of Destiny

With so many opinions out there coming in broken and disconnected it's hard to get a read on Destiny. Well here's an actual gamers opinion.

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TheZeroReview1547d ago

This is honestly my favorite review on our site so far. Great stuff Alex

tjsmoke631547d ago

It's a good game, just not the epic Bungie hinted at. At least, not yet. Hopefully it will become that down the line. The gunplay is solid, but the missions need variety (my favorite mission was Sword of Crota, since you got to use something other than your gun to complete the mission). The environments are gorgeous to look at, but feel empty. Be nice to initiate conversations with the NPCs at the Tower, which would make the game seem more like a living, vibrant world. And we need some way to communicate with other players.Bungie has laid a solid foundation. Just hope they can build on it.

joab7771547d ago

At least not yet...and no mmo's are at launch. It's all about the direction they go from here.

But honestly, the core setting and gameplay is amazing. I can't wait.

TheZeroReview1546d ago

You're exactly right. It needs some work but it looks like Bungie is dedicated to growing Destiny into something bigger and better. And yeah that sword mission was totally awesome.


DJ1547d ago

The game feels like it was built, didn't work, then had to meet a deadline in order to get some cash flow running. So instead of scrapping everything, they just said "Hey it's coming out in 6 months and it is EPIC and HUGE and WILL CHANGE GAMING FOREVER".

With only 4 planets completed after so many years of development, I get the feeling that Destiny 2 will probably be closer to Bungie's original vision.

I just wonder who the hell was put in charge of this game. Having to wait until level 18 to start earning points from Crucible matches is bizarre, and the whole game feels strangely empty for an MMO.

Bungie missed out on an opportunity, but I think a lot of other developers will learn from Destiny's mistakes.

Tex1171547d ago

The game is certainly a solid 7-8.

However, between Bungies comments and the way the game is structured, you can almost feel that they had other ideas for it, but couldn't execute. Time constraints, tech, Activision, who knows?

Almost like half way through production someone with the person strings said "You want to make what?! We want something that will sell, not some untested MMO FPS mix" and they had to tone everything back.

The_KELRaTH1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I've been really enjoying this game, it's a very creative FPS game.

I like there's so many weapon variables - right down to the having the same weapon but different upgrade bonus effects and It's the same for all the armour components too. I wonder what the odds are of any 2 players having the same exact kit are?

I love the maps; and while there are only 11 multiplayer / crucible maps they are very detailed with multi height and usable objects (my pet hate of CoD maps when a ledge is really just a 2D drawing). You can see from exploring the rest of the world areas there's plenty more to come - I hope Bungie might even add the option to use all the world areas for larger player teams, even 4 team faction wars.

Everything in the Destiny world looks good and well polished - even the typical boring loading screens have been replaced with what is effectively an aquarium effect and you even get the option to change the fish on occasions lol

Enjoyed wandering around on my own and with friends in the ultimate search for better gear taking on small missions, completing bounties, collecting various items, some usable, some for bonuses and some for cash and faction rewards - and as you progress more items become available.

It's a real shame a large slice of the media are out to destroy this game because they didn't get their cut or recognition of self importance.

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