We Should Be Worried about Final Fantasy XV after That TGS Trailer

Ed from Twinfinite writes: There has been a lot of buzz after the release of a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV at this year's TGS, but something seems off and fans should be worried.

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Metallox1461d ago

Well, I honestly can't seem to understand how the game works with such limited footage, but I think it looks close to Kingdom Hearts, and I also receive vibes from Xenoblade, because of the really huge world and the similarity in environments. It could be a very awesome game if well done.

I'm very excited for it.

EdMcGlone1461d ago

I agree. Like I say in the article, I don't necessarily dislike the direction they are going in but right now it doesn't look that impressive to me and I'm worried that it's going to feel like a game that started development in 2006. I hope I'm wrong and it winds up being fantastic.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

I don't know much about the gameplay, I agree with most people, it looks a lot like Kingdom Hearts.

I'm more into the story and characters, that's what makes Final Fantasy games for me, FF13 had decent gameplay but I didn't care about the story or characters.

From this trailer, it gave me the impression, it has more to do with a romance cause the main guy seems to be on a trip to get to some girl, which they show, and then we see him starring at the moon. I know it's just a trailer but these things look like a good sign that the story will be romantic and intriguing like the good Final Fantasy games, FF7 with Cloud and Aerith, and why her death was so sad. FFX, Tidus and Yuna, and how tragic it was that Yuna's Journey to stop sin for 10 years would also mean her sacrifice. This is really what makes Final Fantasy games for me, even more than the combat.

torchic1461d ago

"I'm worried that it's going to feel like a game that started development in 2006"

wtf? how exactly is that a problem?

fyi full production only began in 2011 and then it had to be ported to PS4 at some point.

Massacred1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )


This is the best looking game Square has had in years. No we can't say how the final product will be, but this trailer was fantastic.

sonypsnow1460d ago

Final Fantasy XV looks Great, even with its dark tone, it has a bright look of the future.

Greatness is Here.

WombBat1460d ago

I get what the author is trying to say, it does look a little clunky and slow, but for all we know those are like heavy attacks.

regardless hopefully they tighten all that stuff up and make a great game. Im stoked

mikeslemonade1460d ago

This is my first time seeing this since I missed TGS love -_-

But wow SE met my expectations on this one. The only thing I can nit pick about is the car looks meh and the foliage looks average. It's supposed to be "clunky" because it's supposed to be open world. This a major improvement from FFXIII. This is more than Night and Day improvement actually. Makes FFXIII look like a PS2 game.

lategamer1460d ago

You, and others on this site, do know that the whole point of Nomura's Final Fantasy was that it was set to be a ARPG right?

Final Fantasy Versus XII - The "versus" meant a change in direction.

it was meant to be different from the other FFs, Nomura's version. I believe he stated he wanted to do something a little darker and different, with a unique combat engine.

As for the gameplay, maybe it's just me, but I didn't think it looked "stiff."

The animations seemed unique and depending on the movement of player and enemies around him they seemed fairly dynamic.

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Timesplitter141461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

It could be a very awesome game if done well,
and it will be very difficult to do well.

There is finally hope for Final Fantasy, at least. It's the first FF game in years that seems to have some personality.

Jesus christ I just realised we spent the longest gen ever with just FF13 and its sequels/spinoffs. That's crazy

hulk_bash19871461d ago

The only thing I'm worried about is dying from the anticipation before the game comes out. Haha in all seriousness FFVII and the Kingdom Hearts series are some of my favorite games so Im not worried at all about FFXV.

OrangePowerz1461d ago

Anything is better than the FF XIII combat system.

DarkOcelet1460d ago

XIII combat wasnt the problem , the story and its linearity was the problem .

hkgamer1461d ago

i think the point of this article was to point out the slow pace the action feels like. i cant be sure but the older videos seem to have a faster pace action, but that could be the editing techniqques tat made it seem faster.

well, i am biased so im getting this no matter what.

killacal131461d ago

I think people in general like to be negative about things, we've grown entitled to things that we really shouldn't. We need to be more optimistic, otherwise nothing will please us, of course we have to be cautiously optimistic, staying away from being bound by either irrational hate or blind fanboyism.

OrangePowerz1461d ago

True. I don't like 13 and never will, but that one looks interesting. I have seen people making jokes because there is a car. 7 and 8 had cars and from the trailer frankly it looks like they might go more back to the roots. I'm certainly interested to see more.

King-u-mad1460d ago

For those who do not know, FFXV (Originally VS XIII) Was intended to be made using the kingdom hearts style of gameplay mechanics. This was made clear many years ago.

Irishguy951460d ago

Very simple explanation

This is earlier 'weaker' noctis than the two trailers last year. Nomura said it'd speed up later. Also, in the gameplay trailer last year Noctis used firaga and teleported every other second with general combos.

@ Article

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kalkano1461d ago

"However the recent reemergence and success of “old-school” style JRPGs (including Square Enix’s own Bravely Default), has shown that there is still a loyal audience for these types of games."

SquareEnix's own acknowledgement of that fact looks like all talk and no action. I'll keep saying that until they prove me wrong. If Final Fantasy XVI is turn-based, I'll gladly eat my hat.

Final Fantasy died after 10. We've just been in denial about it for over a decade...

EdMcGlone1461d ago

Final Fantasy XV was way too far in development to make any radical changes but I could totally see XVI going back to its traditional JRPG roots.

Kurisu1461d ago

After Lightning Returns, Type-0 and FFXV? I wouldn't be so sure.

Eonjay1461d ago

Why would that be a good thing? I want to see them try new things. JRPG roots look like this:

Those mechanics are old. Even though you may not always like the result, you can't confine people's creativity for the sake of preserving your own nostalgia.

Accepting the statement "Final Fantasy Died after FFX" ignores the fact that millions of people played FF12 and beyond. Just because you didn't like it doesn't make it a failure.

Eamon1461d ago

Exactly Ed.

What most people don't seem to understand is that FFXV was never meant to be FFXV. It was first Final Fantasy Versus XII - a project where Nomura could make the game he always wanted to make.

It was only after development switched to PS4 and X1 that S-E decided to rename the game.

As for FF16, it is possible that Square might go back to ATB style. But if FF15 is extremely successful (at least more than FF13 was) then it looks like ATB would be gone for good.

kalkano1461d ago

I'd love for you to be right, but history tells me otherwise.

kalkano1461d ago


You're being immature. People like things that you don't. Stop dismissing it as "nostalgia". Action-RPGs are OLDER than turn-based RPGs. Yet, we don't tell you to get over your "nostalgia" and start playing turn-based games.

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hkgamer1461d ago

i could see ffxvi going the xii route. i honestly thought that had the best system so far.

jambola1460d ago

If by "died" you mean you stopped liking it, then yes.
but you obviously don't know the difference

RebelWAC1460d ago

It never died, it evolved but yes, I would also love me a turn based combat system with heavy emphasis on story and atmosphere.

UNKLE1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

FF10 was a linear shit with decent love story.

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Eonjay1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

I am a fan and I'm not worried. I am starting to had gaming news. They are so negative about everything. I don't worry about video games, I play video games. Can we stop over dramatizing everything. Game is coming and that is great.

Eamon1461d ago

It's clickbait. If there was an article praising FF15, you probably wouldn't think of clicking on it.

jambola1460d ago

Do people just call anything they don't like clickbait around here?

drumjod71460d ago

Did you used to had gaming news? Do you still had gaming news today? I enjoy gaming news, and to be honest with you, I'm acting like a douche.

It's really fascinating to hear what others think about the games that I love and "had"--I mean hate.

Personally, I use reviews to influence my desirability towards how much interest I have in a game. GTAV got great reviews and I will eventually play it, but it's not on the top of my list of games to play.

I enjoy hearing people complain about what they don't like about video games... Can I tell you a secret?

There is nothing wrong with that.

Why the f_ck are you complaining about peoples comments about a game review?

No worries buddy. Keep writing and listening.
Haders gonna had.

ps4lifesucka1461d ago

every game is awful to the "real gamers" I guess...

CervantesPR1461d ago

WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT? >:( GAMERS are always complaining about everything game looks insanely good jeez