First info on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Limited Edition

The first details are available for the Limited Edition of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

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Kurisu1547d ago

I've pre-ordered the normal edition already, but if something like this gets announced for the UK I'll cancel and pre-order this instead!

Snookies121547d ago

There should be a steelbook for a lot of bigger game releases... I love those things, they're so awesome.

-Foxtrot1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I know right

What's better looking, especially when we move onto a new gen

A collection of standard plastic game cases on your shelve


A collection of different steelbooks you've collected.

The thing with Steelbooks is that the majority of them don't really have the consoles name on unless it's a plastic sleeve...this is great because you could have a game from last gen and you'd never know

I sold the Last of Us PS3 version and kept the steelbook, then replaced it with the PS4 Remastered disc. Since it doesn't have PS3 on the Steelbook you'd never know the difference.

However instead of doing them in limited editions they come as stupid pre order bonuses for a selected country. Germany got that lovely Mario Kart 8 Steelbook despite Nintendo doing a limited edition, they could of put it in there and Future Shop is getting that lovely Smash Bros one...again no collectors edition

MrSwankSinatra1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

For me it depends, because there are lot of CE's of games that come with cheap ass steelbooks. For instance TLoU, GOW: Ascension & Dark Souls II all had cheaply made steelbooks.

dasbeer881547d ago

So I guess you're not buying this LE then, Foxtrot?

rawshack1547d ago

hopefully they will have something better for us