Is Japan Finally Back In The Game?

Push Square: "Every year, the Tokyo Game Show causes something of a dilemma at Push Square Towers. As the last high profile game convention in our calendar, we’re obliged to cover it, of course – but it’s always a difficult thing to prepare for. Regional issues make it challenging for us to, for example, put together predictions posts – and the lineup in recent times has made such an endeavour a waste of energy in the first place. This year, however, there’s the slightest sign of a bright light emerging overseas – and we’re only a day or so into the event."

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kalkano1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Please! Believe me, I would love it if they were; but they're not even close! They're doing the same things they've been doing for the last decade, so I don't know why some people are saying this, all of a sudden...

ritsuka6661466d ago

True dat. This TGS doesn't really mean much, considering how bad the last few years have been, but it's a start.

ABizzel11465d ago

TGS was a revival, because I Japan was about finished in the industry with the last gen mess ups.

TGS was make ore break for them, and they came will a strong showing. It's not 100% smooth sailing, but at least they're out of turbulent waters, and finally coasting.

LightDiego1466d ago

Back? They never left, what about games like Souls series, Ni no Kuni, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Puppeteer, etc.
Awesome TGS for sure.

miyamoto1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

I think a lot of people are just ignoring how Japan redeemed itself with Bloodborne on PS4.

I know it when I see it. Like what I saw in PS4 , I also saw in Bloodborne.

It's an undeniably state of the art beautiful game that are leaps and bounds better than any AAA western made game I have ever seen.

Until Uncharted 4 is revealed fully Bloodborne is the current badassery boss in open world gaming.

SegaGamer1465d ago

Too right they never left. I have never got bored of playing Japanese games, they are still the best at making games.

98xpresent1465d ago

Smart phones are getting better so idk

Godmars2901465d ago

Talk to me when PSO plays like Fallout...

NovusTerminus1465d ago

I pray to God that never happens.

Godmars2901465d ago

A semi open world with exploration based on Metroidvania, a tech/spell research tree and various factions of monsters thrown in with normal encounters that can be talked to and reasoned with.

I'm talking about building on what's been done before, not just outright coping it.

Tito081465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Not quite there yet, of course, while they showed some goodies, the event seemed so empty, like sometimes you question their priorities when it comes to gaming, from the days of Contra, Shinobi, Double Dragon, Castlevania, Onimusha to some dumb Senran Kagura, Omega Quintet, and that Akiba Trip bs game, but hey, there's consumers that like that kind of crap, and I got to respect that. This year I'm only looking forward to Guilty Gear Xrd, next year is Bloodborn and MGS5, TGS have being sucking for a long time now that it used to be my favorite convention when it came to game reveals, now it's a meh event, now it's just Gamescom and E3, but who knows, hope Japan get their flow back this gen, if not, they can keep making crappy games while I wait for the few good ones.

Plus, they have strong hardware with PS4, XBox One and Wii U, and still making software PS2 could easily run in a heartbeat.