Valve Files Patents for Video Game Controlling Jewelry and Head-Mounted Display

A couple of fascinating patents filed for Valve are bringing to light new technology in the company's playbook.

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DLConspiracy1487d ago

If you take the first letter of a few words and every third word it spells.... "Half Life 3" XD

WeAreLegion1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

You mean like agent Nahhhhhman Jayden's ARI glasses/gloves from Heavy Rain?!?!

That is what I hope to have in the near future. That would be so cool!

poppinslops1487d ago

A combination of a watch, Rings and a bracelet... Clever.
Should be capable of detailed hand-tracking.

Y'all should youtube 'MYKO'... It's pretty nifty.

solar1487d ago

this seems fishy to me