PSP - Missed Opportunity?

From Gamrfiles; "I think it's fair to say that the PSP hasn't really had an amazing past. It's not that the handheld sucks, on paper it's much more power full than Nintendo DS yet it only sells around half the units per-month. I think it's because Sony isn't really doing anything with it. The games that are considered 'killer games' only come along once in a blue moon. The last game that really made an impact on the little fella was God of War released back in March."

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Admiral_Benson3828d ago

How many more of these "PSP failing" stories do we have to endure?

I wouldn't call 30million odd units sold a "Missed Opportunity"

True, Nintendo are bossing the handheld market right now, but they've been doing that for the last 20 years, the handheld market IS Nintendo's market. They pioneered it and have continued to dominate it since then.

For Sony's first handheld console i'd say PSP has done well. Granted it doesn't have a massive selection of games but alot of Sony's attention has been getting PS3 off the ground over the last year or so, it seems PSP has been put on the backburner since then.

This is still a very popular handheld that's seen massive sales and alot of attention with releases like Monster Hunter and Crisis Core

The PSP is a great little console that is also capable of so much more then just games! I'd say it's been far from a missed opportunity!

hi-tower3828d ago

For my money the PSP 'suffers' in the same way that the PS3 does, it is so much more than just a games console that it gets knocked by the hardcore gaming fans and misunderstood by your average joe public.

The capabilities of the console are being exploited far more in Japan (TV capability, more concerted use of the camera and mic, killer RPG titles that never see the light in US or Europe)and the result is consistently outselling the DSL recently.

The future looks better, PS3 Play TV integration allowing you (in a similar way to slingbox does now) to watch TV from anywhere in the world via your PSP, far better and wider use of the PSP in remote play, memory stick prices falling giving greater storage capacity for music and video.

I agree with you Russ, the games that the US and Europe get aren't exactly AAA (with the exception recently of GOW) but there are a couple of interesting titles coming up that you mention.

A way they could go is to open up the platform as the article says, develop a PSP SDK of sorts, allow developers to really get the most out of the internet and media capabilities of this great little handheld...

crimsonfox3828d ago

the system is not a failure.
what do these people get from writing this crap?
you have to be a fool to be able to sit down and believe half the crap this vermin talks.
this guy is officially labeled DERF

RealityCheck3828d ago

If anything, this recent organized viral attacks on the PSP makes me think that MS is starting to lay the ground work (through the usual misinformation and FUD) for a handheld of their own in the near future.

Admiral_Benson3828d ago

It does seem like there has been quite an increase in negative PSP related articles in the last couple of weeks.

Definitly a little bit suspect...

Syronicus3828d ago

Now how many have Sony had? There is strength in experience and while Nintendo is king, Sony is still making headway. If the PSP is anything close to failure, then I shudder to think what these folks would say about many of the gaming consoles released prior this gen...

N2NOther3828d ago

Why are people so quick the forgive a system merely because of the brand? I have a PSP and I love it...As a personal media unit that happens to play games. I use it way more to watch movies. I've played MAYBE 4 games on it and only finished 1. I find the controls to be rather terrible on it with it's lack of second analog stick. Yes, it's sold a lot. But selling and keeping is another issue. A lot of people get rid of their PSPs merely because they don't use it. Sony NEEDS way more good games for it.