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Bungie’s Destiny, the follow-up to the company’s ultra-successful Halo franchise, has turned out to be one of the most polarizing titles of 2014. Is it as bad as many people claim it is? No, definitely not.

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pat_11_51551d ago

I really like Destiny and I feel like much of the disappointment surrounding it is because people's expectations were far too high.

NewMonday1551d ago

many websites trolld the game for not getting free pre-release copies, and and feel threatened by Bungie bypassing them and going directly to the gamer.

Grap1551d ago

OMG stop complaining in every Destiny review, we get it you like the game good for you. for me and many other people include the reviewers it was a big meh... stop commenting in N4G and go play the GOTY destiny.

NewMonday1551d ago (Edited 1550d ago )


Nothing surprising about someone talking about a game he likes, but why would someone persist in hating a game even after considerable time has passed from release, shouldn't you move on to a game you actually like. And the score in the review is 8, your in the wrong article

It's sad that the Destiny review thread @NeoGAF is hitting 100 pages full of people like you glued to the keyboard writing walls of text trying to convince Destiny fans they aren't having a good time.

Grap1550d ago

WTH are you even talking about???? you are The one who in every Destiny article. if they give it low score you bash them and if they give it high score(8.0 which isn't that high in gaming) you praise them, look at my history this is my first comment in Destiny article. I guess you are the one who glued to the keyboard now and not play the game or at least do anything positive in your daily life. i don't even hate the game, when did i ever told you the game sucks the game was meh not [email protected] so please for your own sake play the game or get out side, bungie didn't hire you as their lawyer.

NewMonday1550d ago


your comment history is full of attacking other comments, sad that you take things personally, and it's your type just going around hating just because it's fashionable.

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DeadRabbits1551d ago

If being disappointment with Destiny is one of the biggest let downs of peoples lives, then its best not leave mammy and daddys house....ever!

fr0sty1551d ago

This is a review score I can agree with. Destiny isn't perfect, but it laid a foundation for what could become an excellent franchise. It didn't break new ground quite the same way Halo did, but in some ways I think it is better than Halo (the RPG elements appeal to me more).

spacedelete1551d ago

or maybe people thought it was rubbish ? i find it funny how Destiny fanboys trying to find excuses to defend a turd. its like how there were people defending Duke Nukem Forever. i know many people who went in with low expectations and were still disappointed. also it was Bungie themselves who were setting expectations high using buzzwords and they conned everyone.

mochachino1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

If the game had an epic story but was otherwise the same it would have gotten 8s and 9s across the board.

The story was pathetic, when you pass the game it feels like they put in the least amount of effort possible towards the story and that feeling of the dev's utter laziness/incompetence then permeates throughout the rest of the game...but if you keep playing you also notice they did a lot of things right as well and with friends it's fun...for now.

An 8/10 is about right imo with friends, a 4/10 alone.

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tastas211551d ago

Destiny is gaming's biggest dissapointment in the histopry of gaming. seriousl. dont play it.

BrianSharon1551d ago

Wouldn't that be based on something called expectations.

What you go in with, regardless of Activision's marketing budget, is up to you.

That said, Destiny isn't for me. It's not a bad game, at all. It just isn't what I prefer out of a game.

Septic1551d ago

This guy hasn't played Duke Nukem Forever.

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swice1551d ago

I'd love to stay and chat, but I have a Strike to do, right after this extended poop session, which is usually what I'm doing while reading N4G.

bazinga_911551d ago

Great review.
Well done bungie. Thumbs up for you.