THQ: Saints Row 2 Very Different from GTA IV

The original Saints Row from 2006 sold over 2 million copies on Xbox 360 and was well-received by critics, but the general consensus was that it copied a lot from the reigning king of crime sandbox, Grand Theft Auto.

And with the Volition-developed Saints Row 2 launching in the same year as GTA IV, Farrell sought to convince investors that this sequel would offer something different from Rockstar's hit megafranchise.

"We have a very differentiated product in this open-world genre," Farrell said during the William Blair & Company's investor meeting Wednesday in Chicago.

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niall773831d ago

One is a Great mix of open world gameplay, Humor and story

and the other is Saints Row

DreDawgg063831d ago

Ya its very different, For starters its going to be a hell of alot more fun and thats really all that matters. GTA4 is a real life simulator. I dont give a sh!t about dating, going to shows and all the other boring stuff that I dont want to do IN A VIDEO GAME!!!!!

kewlkat0073831d ago

I cousin played that game to death but those are not shabby numbers.

I gotta say the "Humor" in that game was funny sh^t. Them radio stations.

360 man3831d ago

let me guess ur cousins in a gang. jus like me.
da online gameplay in saint row iz jus unrivalled
dats da only game dat actually supports real clan matches

360 man3831d ago

saint row 2 iz gonna be da sh!t

£HiredGoooNZ£ You Get Me!!

LostChild3831d ago

was a good game when it hit the 360. My only complaint was a few glitches and the Online Multiplayer was an after thought. Saints Row2 should be another good game even though it is still a Shadow of GTA.