Devil’s Third to Make Unique Use of GamePad

In an interview with the Japanese gaming magazine “Weekly Famitsu”, developer Tomonobu Itagaki revealed that the game will be taking advantage of the GamePad in a unique way.

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LAWSON721550d ago

It certainly looks interesting, hopefully it is a great addition to the Wii U library

Chrischi19881550d ago

It look pretty good. Better than what I thought, to be honest.

I guess the unique ways will be the level editor, which you can perfectly use with the gamepad.

Maybe in this attacker mode, gamepad users can create tactics by drawing lines quickly and so on, stuff, that would make most new other FPS look old :)

ritsuka6661549d ago

This should be unique use of game pad.

Xb1ps41550d ago

I thought this guy would have done this game on the xbox, wondrous what happened for him to go Nintendos way.

our_games_are_art1550d ago

Easy, nintendo is publishing the game! They may end up with one of the more unique libraries of this generation

Xb1ps41550d ago

We'll yea.. I just wonder if he even bothered to go to ms, I ask because of the history he had with ninja gaiden since the original xbox..

wonderfulmonkeyman1550d ago

This tidbit isn't related to Devil's Third, but your comment made me think of it so I thought I'd bring it up for interest's sake:

You know Zombi U, right?
Did you know that that game started out as a game about Aliens, and was originally going to be on PS3 and 360?
It didn't even cost Ubisoft 3M to make the game because so many of the assets were re-used from that original concept of the game.


Let's not kid ourselves, this is bargain bin bound.

wonderfulmonkeyman1550d ago

Maybe for you.
For the people who are open to new games, instead of foolishly passing up a new game then still have the gall to say Nintendo doesn't have any good new IP's coming, this game is going to be a highly-anticipated hit.
I wouldn't be surprised if, with the right advertisement, it out-sells Zombi U's 700K quite easily.

chronoforce1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

I think @DaGR8JIBRALTARThere's assessment is correct,there is a reason why no other company would publish this game.

wonderfulmonkeyman1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


His assessment is based off of old build glimpses and the fact that it's coming to a system he likely doesn't like, let alone own.
It doesn't matter who would and wouldn't make the game; that doesn't say jack about the end quality of the product.
No one wanted to make Bayonetta 2, either, but that's become the most highly anticipated action game of its kind of the remainder of this year.
I think a lot of people are just mad that they didn't go straight to any other company for this game's funding needs.
It's almost always a case of people hating Nintendo, in cases like this, when they bash an exclusive coming to a Nintendo system that looks like it was, or would be, bound for a different system.

MSBAUSTX1549d ago

I am very confident that it will pass up Zombi U in sales numbers. The install base is 3 to 4 times higher than it was when Zombi U came out.

Ck1x1550d ago

What has me the most interested is his passion for game play and controls. Even though the e3 build was looking rough graphics wise compared to a game like Bayonetta 2, it looked very fun.

Munnkyman1550d ago

I like the fact the graphics have improved since the e3 build

jukins1550d ago

Man really wish this had came out when it originally was supposed to. The first e3 reveal way back when had me very excited.

Trolltroll1549d ago

As a wii u owner who is missing COD AW (yeah yeah last gen blah blah). I am very happy it didn't the game stands a fighting chance that it would not if COD was on the same system. On the other hand It always sucks when a game you where hopeing for dosn't come DQX FF black haired maiden. Sigh I will never play those games will I nintendo. I feel you.

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