If Final Fantasy XV Plays as Great as It Looks, Then Square Enix’s Return to Form Will Be Complete

CraveOnline: Square Enix's recent narrative thus far is lovely, but to me it’s still just short of a true return to form. There’s one last piece missing. I enjoyed Bravely Default as much as the next bloke (well, maybe slightly less so), but tossing a scrap to the depraved, hungry dogs your fans have become doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got your mojo back — it just means you wisened up. For Square to truly ascend the mountain and reclaim the essence of its former self, Final Fantasy XV needs to be an excellent game. It can’t be just OK, and it can’t be an experience with “redeeming traits.” It needs to be a bona fide, must-play hit, and nothing short of that will complete the transformation.

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novacav1374d ago

Me too. The trailer is getting mocked slightly for the goofy banter, but that doesn't bother me terribly. It looks gorgeous.

rodiabloalmeida1374d ago

Some people just can't stand to the fact that Square-Enix is done, can't you? How many times you guys already heard this "back to the roots" bullsh*t and still don't see between the thin glass that hides the shame that is Square-Enix and the FF frachise today. I wonder if some will ever see though.

Magicite1374d ago

In my childhood Squaresoft was sacred to me, I hope they can bring back the faith.

-Foxtrot1374d ago

Even if the game was absolutely amazing I don't think one game would say Square has returned to form

novacav1374d ago

Perhaps not, but one could argue that Realm Reborn >> Bravely Default >> FF XV is pretty darn close

rextraordinaire1374d ago

It doesn't play like the series roots
.. At all. That's no return to form.

SoulMikeY1374d ago


Really... Because most other final fantasy didn't have monsters, or crystals or cars or magic or a large world to explore... Oh wait....

This "plays" exactly like every final fantasy. You hit monsters and you get hit. You level up. You get new abilities. Any of this sound familiar? Just because it's not dumbed-down turn based crap and you have to actually think, doesn't make it any less FF. If your brain is too slow to comprehend that the only difference is that you actually hit the enemy when you press the button, instead of sit there and tap X a billion times, win, repeat.

FFXV just fixed the the horrible mindless battle system.

filipakos1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

For me final fantasy was never about the gameplay but for all the other aspects.Those crazy style'd characters,the amazing music,those fantasy environments,the story etc.Changing the gameplay doesnt mean its out of its roots.It has the kingdom hearts gameplay but all the other aspects are final fantasy

Agent_hitman1374d ago

I hope so.. Judging by the gameplay trailer, I'm pretty sure that FFXV will succeed and they will regain their JRPG throne again.

EdoubleD1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Hear Hear, hopefully it's the case.
Although it has to be a couple of games before SE are back to form.
KH3,FF-Type 0 and hopefully some great Turn Based J-RPGs will mean they're coming back.
I'll remain cautiously optimistic.

CaptainN1374d ago

It looks like they just took Xenoblades fighting style!!

Taislin1374d ago

You do know that this game started production way before Xenoblade? copying there. It´s much more of a Type-0 KH hybrid on steroids

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1374d ago

you do know Xenoblade Chronicles X uses Xenoblade Chronicles Battle System refined which started development around 2007.

SoulMikeY1374d ago

Who said Xenoblade X dummy? And 2006 was versus, so you still lose.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )


And which one came into people hands first.

Square Enix had to change platform.

"Who said Xenoblade X dummy?"
Was that necessary.

And I wasn't trying to win.

Did I say it did it first. No.
All I said when it was in development.

TongkatAli1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Ofc a Nintendo fan is going to say they copied. I hope they release this the same day that X game on the Wii U comes out.

The most shittest fanbase ever.

Metallox1374d ago

"I hope they release this the same day that X game on the Wii U comes out. The most shittest fanbase ever."

Stop being so ridiculous, dude.

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