WoW: Level 90 boost now, physical edition later

Blizzard has announced a way in which players can take advantage of having a level 90 boost now whilst waiting patiently for their physical collector's edition.

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joab7771374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Why doesn't blizzard just ask ppl to pay for the entire collectors edition up front, and at the moment it's paid off, u get the boost key. For protection from fraud, the moment u get the key, u forfeit ur right to a refund. This way u don't get penalized for buying the physical copy and blizzard doesn't get scammed.

Or sell a copies of the collectors edition minus the game and key. It's headed this direction anyway. At some point we will all buy digitally, and purchase collectors edition offerings separate.

lemongrasspotatohead1373d ago

Because they don't want to get involved in transactions with retailers.