Classic Square Enix PSOne JRPGs go on sale

The disc copies of Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy Anthology and Final Fantasy Origins are currently on sale for $9.99 apiece.

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Magicite1124d ago

I want chrono cross sequel or at least remaster so badly...!

Qrphe1124d ago

>my first console was the 360

These people can vote too now, I'm old

Revengeance1124d ago

Just another Xbox drone who bought the wrong console last gen. Nothing to see here.

dboyman1124d ago

There are PS1 games that are better playing games than some "next gen" titles...

BillytheBarbarian1124d ago

2-D 32bit era games are still good but those early days of 3-D are just crusty crap. Saturn, 3do, jaguar, CDi, and Ps1. N64 is when things started to shape up and Dreamcast saved the world from Sony jaggies. I'll take the SNES or Genesis over PS1 all day.

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gigoran1124d ago

oh DISC copies? Worth it for that price. I thought "why pay that much when I already got them for $5 a piece on PSN?" Collectors and their discs. Inseparable lol

PiNkFaIrYbOi1124d ago

A physical copy is always better for those of us who like to collect or to replay games later on.

Sy_Wolf1124d ago

There are no Square Enix games on the PSOne. Square and Enix were two separate companies at that time.

ShadowWolf7121124d ago

But they merged and the titles are now property of Squeenix.

So... yay, I suppose.

Sy_Wolf1124d ago

Yes, but it says "classic Square Enix JRPGs." So we're both right. Isn't it nice when things work out like that? :)

EverydayGuy1124d ago

Square Enix owns the ip because of the merge.

Sy_Wolf1124d ago

Obviously, but they aren't Square Enix games. It's a technicality but still matters.

DeadManMMX1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

That merger was the worst thing that ever happened to the quality of their games. I miss square soft by itself and Enix can stick with star ocean, dragon warrior and Valkyrie chronicles.

hkgamer1124d ago

you should put all your blame and hatred onto sony pictures, squaresoft and hironobu sakaguchi.

they messed up your precious squaresoft.

Spotie1124d ago

Gotta work that Sony blame in there somehow.