Anita Sarkeesian GDC 2014 Ambassador Award met with a bomb threat

Game Developers Conference 2014 organizers received a bomb threat in response to their decision to award Anita Sarkeesian with the Ambassador Award.

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Hendrickson1372d ago

Crazy, a bomb threat like this, but why has it just come to light now after all these months?

DesertFoxJr1372d ago

No idea. Guess they just didn't want it floating around.

Aleithian1371d ago

I think we all know the reason.

-Foxtrot1372d ago

Funny how just like Kotaku this has come up when Nero posted that article on the secret mailing list all these journalists have.

I mean this conference was in March...then all of a sudden a development happens just after Nero posted his article.

DesertFoxJr1372d ago

I agree. It's all incredibly convenient.

Aleithian1371d ago

Expect another big story within the next week or two concerning sexism in gaming.

donthate1371d ago

What is wrong with industry professionals talking among themselves?

Gh05t1371d ago

Nothing is wrong with them talking amongst themselves... what is wrong is professionals getting together behind closed doors to determine what is and is not to be covered and how to handle certain types of stories.

If they want to talk, and discuss, and debate amongst themselves I am all for it. If they want to control, suppress, and redirect story topics, I have a problem with that.

donthate1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )


Is there any evidence of control, suppression, and redirecting story topics?

From what I can tell, it seems to be a lot of "evidence points to" or "evidence suggests", but nothing concrete. In fact, most of the time I cannot see any evidence at all.

jeeves861371d ago

Because these things need to be investigated. The Kotaku article claimed that they learned about it last week.

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LightDiego1372d ago ShowReplies(1)
ritsuka6661372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

* wrong post*

Eonjay1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

I don't believe it. And I am sick of this woman's face.

Aleithian1371d ago

She has that distinctive left-wing "I'm-better-than-you- while-accepting-my-total-equali ty-with-you-but-not-really" ; look.

Lwhit61371d ago

The infamous look of plastic surgery in your thirties?

Anon19741371d ago

So you're calling the organizers of the Game Developers Choice awards liars? Do you have any idea how serious it is to call in the police for this kind of thing if you don't have cause for concern?

There's no doubt in my mind that some crazy sent a bomb threat to the GDC people. The hate directed at this woman is toxic and makes me ashamed to identify myself as a gamer. I don't care if you don't agree with her opinion, the people harassing this woman need to be jailed, plain and simple. It's illegal and it's sick. Freedom of speech doesn't allow the right to bully a woman to the point she's afraid for her own safety and for the safety of others around her.

I hope they nail this terrorist sicko.

jetlian1371d ago

Pls mark as trolling. You were a 1 bubble troll for a long time how you get to 7. We need to boycott GDC as well as all these sites

Anon19741371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Yeah, you didn't address a single point I raised. You know you don't have an argument when you simply attack the person talking and not what's being said.

But you go ahead and support douchebags who call in bomb threats to game events if it makes you feel like a big man. This has zero to do with Sarkeesian or her opinions and everything to do with our attitude as gamers towards the harassment industry figures receive.

We should all be taking a stand. Shame on all of your for disagreeing with my statement above. You people defending these bombers are sick and need help. When someone actually blows up one of these events because of their hatred, you'll probably still defend them.

Gh05t1371d ago

Who said anything about supporting a bomb threat?

That is most peoples problem with almost everything you have said in this post. You are assuming that just because some may not believe its legitimate and other find it convenient timing and call that into question does not mean we support the action of a bomb threat. I don't think anyone disagrees with finding these people and prosecuting them.

We disagree with how this is coming about.

You are being flippant to the concerns people are making about the timing of this article.

Anon19741371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

@Gh05t. Point to me in my initial post where I accused anyone of any such thing. I stated the facts as we know them. What in my initial post is there to possibly disagree with?

This isn't coming from her, it's coming from the event organizers.

These type of bombs threats are illegal and reprehensible.

Of those two statements, which do you have an issue with?

For that I got 17 disagrees and counting. The timing of this is irrelevant to my point that, as a group, we should be condemning these actions, not dismissing or shifting focus off what we know happened in order to spin some "conspiracy" nonsense to distract from the serious nature of these crimes.

Again. I hope they nail this terrorist and hold them to account for their actions.

Gh05t1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

"But you go ahead and support douchebags who call in bomb threats."


Here you go!

Its called inference. By saying we support the person you are inferring we also support the action.

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