Destiny: How Hype & Marketing Trump Review Scores

Are review scores obsolete for AAA games? A look into whether the release of Destiny may favor marketing instead of reviews for future big-budget titles.

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anemraz1374d ago

Interesting perspective. I think the main problem with Destiny has been Bungie's unclear communication about the game. They pitched it wrong. It's NOT a game for everyone like they claimed.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1374d ago

I don't know, I haven't played the game myself. I was turned off by no split screen coop, I think all shooters should have this option. So that and mixed reviews made me decide it's a "no buy"

JonnyBigBoss1374d ago

The author has a good argument. However, I do believe that the somewhat negative reception will affect sales from here on out. So they do matter.

jts18911374d ago

Not really. If you've seen the latest advertisements on TV for Destiny, it mentions that the game has received over '180 awards', That perception is going to reach a lot more people than the small number of core gamers who depend on review sites to tell them what games to buy.

spacedelete1374d ago

people just wanted Halo 3 with better graphics. they have disappointed a lot of people. Bungie shouldn't be getting too happy as no one is going to fall for the hype of Destiny 2.

BX811374d ago

Loving destiny so far. I wished they explained things more in the game. I had to google about how to use the coins and rank up after 20. They briefly go over it but it's not specific.

insertcoin1374d ago

Review scores and user scores will hurt long-term sales for sure. If the reception was in the mid 8s, I don't think it would hurt so much. But the average is in the mid 7s, if we're being generous.

jts18911374d ago

Critical scores have been sitting around 79 on Metacritic. User scores are higher once you adjust for all the trolls who posted 0s on the day it released. IGN has the user score sitting 8.3.

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The story is too old to be commented.