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"One of the most successful game franchises of all time, The Sims, offers players the opportunity to build their own worlds filled with people of their creation whose lives and happiness rest in the palm of their hand. Whether you are creating massive family lineages, successfully raising your “Sim” through the ranks of a selected career, or watching your beloved Sim graduate college, you are in control of their every move and you have the power to give the best (or worst) life possible. This God formula is addicting and endlessly fun for millions of fans around the world, and every time a new chapter of the franchise is released, players get to fall in love all over again and explore a whole new way to play. The Sims 4, recently released by EA Maxis for PC, strives to continue this success while growing into its own shoes, and in that the franchise succeeds yet again. Fans will not be disappointed"

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