Final Fantasy 15's Graphics Have Sure Come A Long Way: A Comparison Between Last Gen And Current Gen

Final Fantasy 15 is alive and kicking. Square Enix have released a brand new trailer for the title which showcases breathtaking vistas and graphics.

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masterfox1550d ago

the question is, if you will be able to download the demo right away ? or wait years for it lol.

Kurisu1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

It's been confirmed now to be playable in March! :D

Lightning Mr Bubbles1550d ago

It's dumb that they count the online Final Fantasy games as true installments like Final Fantasy 11 and Final Fantasy 14.

This is actually really the 13th final fantasy, not 15th, and the last two installments sucked, so I hope this is a rebound for the franchise, I think it is.

Panthers1549d ago

FF14 is really good, and it is a very large game, but it is confusing that it has a main installment number instead of being called FF Online.

XB1_PS41549d ago

Looks awesome, but why do they all look like douchebags? I hope they're good characters because it's going to be another 8-10 years for a numbered FF.

drumjod71549d ago

I think Lightning Mr Bubbles has really shiny hair :P

True, 11 and 14 are the online only games in the series, but could you do me a huge favor and post comments like this on a forum where there is more interest in that subject?


Not trolling or something: Look at her necklace:

A crescent moon and a star (sign of muslims), is she muslim?

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Old_Prodigy1549d ago

dated joke is still dated.

Massacred1550d ago

Could Square actually be turning things around? I must say I'm surprised at the number of things I'm actually looking forward form them; FF XV, FF 0-Type and FF Agito. . .

We will have so see, but thus far this is looking pretty good.

And yeah its a pretty shocking how good the game looks now

DEATHxTHExKIDx1550d ago

Bravely Second and KH3 as well. Even tho KH3 is still a fair bit away. Square does seem to be getting back on track tho.

NatureOfLogic_1550d ago

Looking forward to the new Chaos Rings. I'm actually more excited for Bravely Second and Chaos Rings than FFXV.

dcj05241549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Don't forget ffxiv,Deus Ex, Tomb Raider

mochachino1550d ago

Square has been behind a number of excellent games in the past few years. Deus Ex was my GOTY, Tomb Raider was very good, FFXIV is a quality MMO.

I think gamer hate towards Square is simply abating. The company never fully fell off imo.

Spenok1549d ago

It does seem to be fading. However a lot of the hate was over exaggerated to begin with. People have just become to damn entitled these days.

Zeixama1549d ago

I disagree, Deus Ex and Tomb Raider are self-famed franchises. Square Enix is nothing to do with them, they didn't and they don't make these video game series. They know that gamers will buy another Tomb Raider and Deus and they funds their video game projects. Square Enix is learning from their past mistakes to make good video games again.

ChronoJoe1549d ago

I think what bugged most fans is XIII.

It's an okay game, but compared to their previous FF titles, it's terrible. It defies everything that many have come to love about the franchise, and they made it worse by supporting the title with 3 successive iterations.

Anarki1549d ago

Even their MMO(FF14) is actually really good. Have been playing it for about a month or 2 and the level of content they pump out for it is astounding. I'm seriously impressed with SE these days.

killacal131549d ago

When do you guys think this game will be released? I wasn't expecting this game that much as now, I really want this game, there are just so many things to look forward to right now!!!

DarkOcelet1549d ago

Aside final fantasy xiii . Square actually had some really quality titles last gen and this gen they have , Deus Ex 2 , Sleeping dogs 2 , Tomb Raider 2 , Final fantasy XV , type 0 , agito , KH3 and Bravely Second .

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Hold_It1550d ago

That feel when the game looks better than Advent Children's Graphics.


Never played a FF game but I think I'll try this one.

Xsilver1550d ago

lol my brother said the same thing

elninels1549d ago

Yesss. True fan. They should try movies again.

gangsta_red1550d ago

Nothing gimped here. Looks like this game is going to put FF right back on top of the king of JRPG throne.

This game has to be good considering how many times it was rebuilt and delayed.

Let's hope...

Agent20091550d ago

It indeed looks promising, but watch out for that attitude - you're being a little too optimistic :-).

weekev151549d ago

2015 the year of the jrpg. FFXV vs Xenoblade X. Who will triumph? Us the gamers of course!!

ZerobyZero1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

You forgot Persona 5. And yes 2015 will be the year of JRPG

weekev151549d ago

I did forget Persona 5, all we need is Ni No Kuni 2 and we are all set. Honorouble mention to Monster Hunter 4 as well.

mysteryraz111550d ago

Hope its not downgraded, its looks incredible

kowan1550d ago

It actually has when compared to the e3 2013 trailer. The trailer then had little to no aliasing but this one looks like footage taken from the console version itself which is still phenomenal looking but a bit more realistic in terms of what it'll really look like when you play it on your consoles.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1550d ago

The new trailer looks better than last years trailer and I can guarantee that the aliasing issue will be fixed before release. Look what they were able to do with Final Fantasy XIII's graphics. Say what you want about that game but you cannot deny it was beautiful both graphically and artistically. It ran at 1080p and had no aliasing issues whatsoever. I know that will make FFXV look even better before it is released.

Myze1550d ago

Actually, the only thing with any real aliasing was the car, which leads me to believe it just wasn't quite finished and will be ironed out before release. It did really stand out because of this, though.

Overall, I would say quite a bit is upgraded from last years trailer, but it's a different setting and didn't show a major boss battle (Leviathan), which would obviously give more of a "wow" factor. I think the main point of this trailer was to show the open world (or at least very large open zones) and basic combat (I would venture to guess this all takes place fairly early in the game, and probably is what the demo will be about).

Qrphe1549d ago

The E3 had terrible character models and remdering but theyve come a long way. The fact that you can see aliasing and missing shadows in some parts confirms it's running on consumer hardware.

larrysdirtydrawss1549d ago

definitely not gonna be downgraded for the ps4,but the xone on the other hand,theres a good chance,considering the xone gpu and real world bandwidth problems... just had to add a fking camera instead of putting in a real gpu

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