370° has 14 Million downloads of Firefox 3

The unofficial software mirror has seen a very huge demand for Firefox 3 in the first 24 hours, reaching 14 million downloads.

This number combined with the official mirror downloads (8 million) means that more than 22 million copies of Firefox 3 have been distributed worldwide. It should be noted that there are many many unofficial mirrors that distribute millions of Firefox 3 copies as well.

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Fishy Fingers3832d ago

Wow, that's a lot of Firefox fans!

Oh, I was 3 of them :)

verb3k3832d ago

Firefox For the Win !

Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera For the Lose !

aaquib53832d ago

Safari is still IMO, the best browser for the Mac. So simple, yet feature packed. Not to mention its really elegant and fast.

oohWii3832d ago

I'm sorry but why are we continuing to do a running total on the downloads of firefox?

Gun_Senshi3832d ago

Go Firefox! Best Browser EVER!

Drekken3832d ago

WHAT A FAILURE!!!!!! lol

The Wood3832d ago

one of the only things i want implemented is better tab positions and identification. I want the tab i open to be place next to the tab im opening from not way down the end of the list (explorer does this ironically), if not then at least some way of making it obvious which tabs were opened from which page (there was a plugin for the older firefox). Colours maybe. The thumbnail option which is now on explorer which was originally on opera is also a great feature that i feel could be there as standard but i suppose i could add features like that over time.

verb3k3832d ago

You can find it here:

and for the thumbnails you can search the addons.

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The story is too old to be commented.